Getac Meets Defence and Security Sector Needs with Two Encryption Workshops at DPRTE (Defence, Procurement, Research, Technology & Export) EXPO 2014.

One of the key weapons in a countries defence strategy is secure computing solutions to protect their sensitive data. To address this, Getac and its partners hosted two workshops at DPRTE 2014 to discuss the encryption solutions available on Getac’s range of lightweight, fully rugged mobile computing solutions.

The first workshop, in partnership with Becrypt and SERBUS, discussed the software options for securing data on the Getac Z710 Titan 7” Android tablet. Becrypt’s Titan software allows an administrator to create separate encrypted user accounts or personas, enforce strong authentication, and manage different application and device policies for each user through a simple to use device configuration app. SERBUS spoke about Cryptify Call, an easy-to-use smartphone and tablet application providing secure voice calls and secure messaging, worldwide, using GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks.

In the second workshop, ViaSat spoke about their Eclypt hardware encryption drive which Getac are incorporating into the V110, F110 and T800 Snapback fully rugged devices to create IL6 compatible secure solutions. ViaSat Eclypt data-at-rest hardware has been accredited by CESG and is trusted by governments, defence departments, and law enforcement agencies worldwide to protect data of any classification level from top secret through unclassified. In the event of computer theft, loss, or attack, Eclypt ensures your hard drive's data is encrypted and secure.

DPRTE was a very successful event for Getac with lots of traffic to the stand, which was just inside the main entrance, and good feedback from the workshop attendees.

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