Getac Launches 5G Rugged Devices for Defence, First Response and Resources Frontline

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16 OCTOBER 2023 | By: Robert Dougherty

Taiwanese multinational technology company Getac Technology Corporation has launched 5G rugged devices for defence, first respondence, and resources industry organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Getac’s 5G rugged devices designed for frontline operations include a V110 fully rugged laptop, S410 semi-rugged laptop, F110 fully rugged tablet, and UX10 fully rugged tablet with rapid 5G connectivity, resilience, processing, visibility, and speed in challenging field environments.

The V110 fully rugged laptop offers uninterrupted low latency streaming in both urban jungles and remote terrains, the S410 semi-rugged laptop provides performance with hot-swappable batteries, and the UX10 fully rugged tablet is designed for medical professionals with protection against dust, water, and disinfectant spray for reliability in challenging medical environments.

“With the imminent shutdown of all 3G networks across Australia to make way for expanding 5G networks, many businesses are investigating 5G-enabled devices to ensure business as usual continues,” according to Getac business development manager (Australia and New Zealand) Frank Baldrighi.

“In addition, the global momentum of 5G is redefining the standards of mobile connectivity.

“In response, industries are integrating 5G devices to power their frontline operations, whether it’s a field surveyor at a remote mine site or an emergency first responder.

“The ability to rapidly communicate and share information via 5G networks is changing how effectively people operate on the ground.

“Customers across Australia and New Zealand now have four premium sub-6GHz 5G Windows rugged solutions to choose from, which means they can equip their workforces with the right tool for the job, no matter how remote or challenging the work environment. Our customers require rapid communication solutions that are robust and reliable. The expansion of the 5G network lets us bring these key solutions to market.”

The devices are designed to provide real-time mobile data access and capture, digital evidence capture, asset and parts management, reviewing of technical diagrams and infrastructure maps and reporting, connectivity and data access for remote workers, site survey and precise GPS and mapping functions, first-on-scene recording, mobile command and real-time situational awareness.

They are also able to mobilise and communicate with crews in a vehicle and provide real-time updates on incidents, location, and risk.

Earlier this year in July, HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023 named Getac as the Best Company to Work for in Taiwan for the third time. More than 366 Taiwanese companies participated in the selection.

“As a global leader in rugged mobile technology, Getac has a strong research and development (R&D) team and a clear company vision. The sustainable development of talents is the reason why we can continue to steadily root deeper in this field,” said Getac Technology Corporation president James Hwang.

“We are proud to offer competitive compensation and extensive training opportunities, enabling our employees to achieve balance across work, self-growth, and life under a sound work culture.

“We promise that whoever joins us will feel at ease and fit seamlessly into the company as we develop and grow together.”

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