Getac, the global designer and manufacturer of rugged mobile devices, is providing vital sponsorship for some of the toughest individuals in the world – members of the British Army’s Signallers rugby team.

The Royal Signals Rugby Football Club, the rugby club of the Royal Corps of Signals, will now be training in kit sponsored by Getac, enabling them to develop their on-pitch skills when not on active deployment across the world.

From left: WO2 Steff Gibbs, Maj. Andy Burdge, Capt. Grant Winkles, Peter Molyneux (Getac), Sgt. Dave Bates, WO2 Simon Hopkins, Lt. Col. Jason Kennedy (Images ©MOD. Used Courtesy of Royal Signals RFC.)

Club Director of Rugby, Lt Col Jason Kennedy, says: “Training strips and tracksuits are not funded by the public or the Regimental Association, so, we are reliant on sponsors to deliver this type of team wear. Training kit is what Sir Clive Woodward would describe as the ‘critical non-essentials’ - they help deliver hundreds of incremental improvements in terms of team ethos and competence that lead to huge strides in team performance.”

Getac’s support is helping the team to drive forward a new ethos, where team members understand the history of their team and that each player is the current ‘guardian’ of the shirt – an heir to those who have come before, and the expectation they should leave a legacy for the team’s future. Lt Col Kennedy says: “The training kit provided by Getac galvanises the team and assists in defining that collective character that we seek. By developing this collective culture we increase team cohesion and team will, and we aim to deliver better team performances, ultimately winning team performances.”

Brigadier Rich Spencer, President of Royal Signals Rugby, says: “There are many elements in making a professional environment in a rugby club and the support that Getac has provided to the Royal Signals RFC has been a key element in providing a professional look and feel to the club. This has allowed the players to focus on their personal skills and professionalism, matching the off pitch improvements to look, feel and perform like a professional rugby club.”

Getac has a long history of supporting armed forces in the UK. Its rugged mobile devices have been used on the frontline by British troops in operations across the globe, with its Z710 7” fully rugged Android tablet most recently used on a trial conducted by Northrop Grumman as part of a Blue Force Tracking system.

Peter Molyneux, President, Getac UK, says: “Getac has always ensured the military has access to the best rugged mobile products around, and we’re delighted to be able to support the armed forces through sponsorship as well. We wish the Royal Signals every success both on and off the pitch.”

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