Police: Integrated Vehicle Solutions

Police across Europe use Getac solutions in many vehicle types. Our compact devices make an ideal police tablet pc, able to fit in small vehicles without getting in the way of equipment such as light-bar controls. Getac solutions work well in direct sunlight, easily handle drastic changes in temperature, and withstand the harsh vehicle shocks and vibration are created from a high speed pursuit.

Docking solutions configured to your department

Our tablets and convertible laptops are not only lightweight, weighing just a few pounds, but also are easy to bring with you where your job requires. The days of travelling back and forth to the station between calls to complete paperwork are in the past. Mounted on the dash, or simply used in the field, Getac solutions allow you to do your police work anywhere. With touchscreens up to 11.6” and a full-size keyboard, we have also made it easy to complete your reports onsite while retaining a physical police presence on the streets.

Proactively fight and prevent crime with ANPR system integration

Our solutions integrate smoothly with proactive policing solutions such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software, Police National Computer (PNC) access, and mapping and routing applications integral for modern-day policing. Getac offers a fully-integrated solution which receives data from your vehicle-based camera system, allows you to playback video footage, and gives you the opportunity to save and share the collected footage.

Mobile technology that keeps you connected

You don’t get to choose where blue light incidents takes you, but Getac keeps you connected with fast and powerful advanced WiFi and 4G LTE WWAN connectivity. Working as your mobile data terminal, Getac solutions can also be configured for use with independent external high gain antenna’s to further enhance connectivity in troublesome geographic areas meaning you can work connected in more locations than would usually be possible.

Keep your police mobile data secure

Information on your police mobile computer is sensitive and needs to be protected. Getac solutions offer a variety of built-in security features including multi-factor authentication and TPM 2.0. When combined with the security features of Windows 10 this allows for government level security in a mobile device.

One-Handed Operation with Digitizer Pen

By adopting a digital solution that can send data wirelessly, ports achieve increased efficiency in tasks such as cargo inspection or container handling. Errors are minimised, costs can be reduced, and response times improve because data becomes available to management in real-time. The digitiser pen (optional) and stylus also help replace pen and paper for record-keeping.

Rugged Means Savings

Getac solutions are inherently rugged, certified by international third parties to MIL-STD 810G, and up to IP65 standards. They thrive in all weather conditions and withstand impacts, vibrations, harsh temperatures, humidity, dust, and drops up to six foot. Getac fully rugged computers deliver excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI), with one of the lowest average failure rates in the industry and an industry-leading three-year warranty that covers accidental damage with our Bumper to Bumper service as standard.

Highly Integrated Solutions

Getting the right mounts and accessories such as barcode readers is important. We work closely with our partners to deliver a fully integrated solution that includes hardware, docking, mounting kits, mobile power supplies, security and connectivity software, and other accessories to bring you complete peace of mind.

Engineering and Support

Ports make use of a variety of different software and hardware systems, and having your computing solution properly integrated is vital for success. Getac delivers industry-leading engineering services and customer support, ranging from regular security patches and software updates, software imaging, product kitting, joint development of docking, and bespoke logistic vehicle equipment.

What is "Getac Select® Solutions?"

As a leader in providing rugged mobile solutions in the industry, we listen to customers and want to take our Customer Experiences to the next level. We understand the challenges in your daily business and the frustrations you may have while selecting suitable solutions to achieve your business objectives or solving these challenges. To further separate Getac from the competition, Getac now offers a comprehensive Industry solutions program, called “Getac Select® Solutions”. With our years of industry knowledge and experience, and combined with our successful deployments to our customers globally, “Getac Select® Solutions” shortlists the most appropriate solution options for you to choose from.


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Professional Services

Extended Bumper to Bumper (Accidental Damage Warranty)

4/5 years options

Extended Warranty

4/5 years options

Battery Warranty

2/3/4/5 year options

Keep Your SSD Warranty

3/4/5 years options

Docking Warranty

5 year option

Additional Services can be delivered by Getac’s partners directly or via Getac
  • Advance Exchange Swap Services 3/4/5 year options
  • Global Warranty 3/4/5 year options

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