Getac Self-Maintenance Program

Getac’s Self-Maintenance program empowers you to perform warranty-protected limited repairs on Getac products without shipping them to Getac’s Repair Center.

  • Your time is valuable, so Getac’s Self-Maintenance program saves you precious time by empowering your own technicians to perform warranty-protected limite repairs on Getac products without shipping them to Getac’s repair center.
  • By enabling uninterrupted possession of your devices, Getac’s Self-Maintenance program also minimizes device downtime. What’s more, Getac will gladly work with you to customize the program to meet your specific business needs.
  • Getac’s Self-Maintenance program provides your technicians with training documents and videos emphasizing parts replacement, product usage and Getac’s service system processing, maximizing your capacity to perform in-house maintenance and repairs.

Note: Applicable for USA, Europe regions, Australia and Mexico.


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