Social participation

Everyone can make key contributions to building a better world. We firmly believe that unlimited possibilities can be unlocked by providing opportunities and eliminating obstacles facing underprivileged groups as a result of the rural-urban divide and a lack of resources.

Caring for disadvantaged groups

The growth and prosperity of a company come from social resources and the support of the public. With a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation, the Board of Directors of Getac Holdings sets aside a portion of profits each year and allocates it to the "Getac Holdings Charity Trust Fund." In 2022, as the world gradually recovered from the pandemic and social interactions and activities resumed, the Company continued to focus on education and social welfare. We established long-term partnerships with various non-profit organizations, social welfare foundations, care centers, and intelligent development centers, supporting their organizational development and participating in safeguarding programs. Our efforts aimed to provide assistance and care to underprivileged families, rural education, and child welfare. In 2022, a total of NT$450,000 was spent to support the disadvantaged in society.
Dawn Care Home Hualien
  • The Dawn Care Home's "Meal Subsidy Program" primarily allocates funds to provide meals for 62 individuals aged 35 and above with intellectual and multiple disabilities, accounting for 54% of the total residents. With more than half of the residents facing aging-related issues, the central kitchen in the care home not only provides three meals a day throughout the year but also offers individualized dietary services for those with abnormal nutritional indicators.
  • In 2022, the Dawn Care Home served a total of 115 individuals with intellectual and multiple disabilities, providing 112,083 meals. The meals were based on a 15-day rotating menu designed by contracted nutritionists.
Taitung Muh Shin Intellectual Development Centre
  • The Muh Shin Intellectual Development Center primarily serves people with disabilities in remote areas of Taitung. It provides day and night care for individuals with disabilities, including rehabilitation services, special dietary services, health and wellness programs, medical transportation assistance, and employment training support, ensuring proper care for people with disabilities in rural areas.
  • In 2022, the Shepherd's Mind Development Center served 111 individuals with disabilities, providing training for 24,000 person-times, including daily living support, rehabilitation training, and accompanying medical visits. The Shepherd's Bakery Sheltered Workshop provided training for 9,000 person-times.
The Christian Quaker Meeting Dragonfly Church
  • The Christian Quaker Meeting Dragonfly Center for Vulnerable Families is dedicated to providing after-school counseling and related shelter and placement services for children from disadvantaged families. These vulnerable families include single-parent households, multi-generational households, impoverished families, low-income households, indigenous children, children of new immigrants, families facing significant crises, and high-risk families.
  • In the year 2022, the center provided after-school counseling services to a total of 60 elementary and junior high school students, and shelter and placement services to 3 students.
The Catholic Father Bai Yongen Social Welfare Foundation
  • The Father Bai Yongen Social Welfare Foundation of the Catholic Church participates in the "Together with You, Guarding and Spreading the Warmth of Love" project. It provides residential care, life education, and rehabilitation for individuals with disabilities. The foundation also offers early intervention and music art therapy for children with developmental delays, as well as supportive services such as parenting workshops. In response to the long-term care needs of the aging society, it implements community care functions.
  • In the year 2022, the foundation provided care services for a total of 94 impoverished elderly individuals, with home meal delivery service provided to 58 individuals. The full-day services for individuals with disabilities accommodated 31 people, while one-on-one developmental and disability intervention services were provided to 57 children.
Taiwan Love and Hope Children's Care and Development Association
  • The Taiwan Love and Hope Children's Care and Development Association participates in the "Assistance Program for Nutritious Meals and Equipment Needs for Children in Remote and Underprivileged Areas." The program provides subsidies for nutritious meals, food supplies for cooking dinner in after-school classes, and funding for necessary equipment. This support enables underprivileged children in remote areas to have sufficient meals and a conducive environment for doing homework.
  • In the year 2022, the Love and Hope Association provided meal subsidies to over 20 remote after-school class locations across Taiwan, benefiting over 5,000 elementary and middle school students through their caring services.
Hana Home, Taitung County
  • The Hana Home, a private institution in Taitung County, caters to infants and toddlers aged zero to two years old who are orphaned or have no guardians. They provide 24-hour nurturing and care, including living assistance, healthcare, and psychological support.
  • In 2022, the Hana Home served a total of 23 infants and toddlers. They facilitated 141 referrals for medical services and 41 referrals for early intervention services. Additionally, they arranged for 9 children to be placed in foster families and matched 3 children with adoptive families, enabling them to embark on new lives.

Promoting Sustainable Volunteer Day and Contributing to Local Revitalization

Starting from 2023, Getac encourages employees to actively engage in social welfare and environmental sustainability volunteer activities. We take the initiative in planning these activities and designate specific days as "Sustainable Volunteer Day." On this day, employees have the option to either work at the company or participate in volunteer activities organized by us.
To enhance employee participation, we take care of all arrangements, including itinerary planning, transportation, meals, and souvenirs for the volunteers. Moving forward, we will continue organizing a diverse range of ESG activities that are environmentally friendly. For instance, tree planting and supporting local organic farming initiatives are on the agenda. Through Sustainable Volunteer Day, our colleagues can develop ecological conservation awareness and demonstrate their commitment to reducing carbon footprints in their daily lives. This approach is a crucial step towards achieving sustainable business operations and net-zero carbon emissions. Additionally, we actively contribute to local community revitalization efforts, promoting the well-being and harmony of the places where we operate.

Getac Beach Cleanup Volunteer Day

In response to World Earth Day, Getac organized its first "Beach Cleanup Volunteer Day" on a make-up work day, March 25th. Employees were called upon to participate in a beach cleanup activity at Fulung Beach. The central theme of the event was "Low Carbon, Zero Trace, Green Living," emphasizing the practice of low-carbon activities. From the planning stage to execution, extra efforts were made to avoid generating environmental pollution, reducing carbon emissions, and minimizing environmental contamination, all in the spirit of creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable environment for our planet.
A total of 151 employees actively participated in this volunteer activity, and the event adopted the "International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Data Card" designed by the Ocean Conservancy (TOC) to classify marine debris. This standardized data card allowed for uniform calculation standards for marine waste collected from various locations worldwide. Throughout the beach cleanup campaign, an impressive 154.4 kilograms of coastal waste were removed, showcasing the fruitful outcome of this effort.

Getac Team Building Camp: The Quest for Liao Tian-Ding's Treasure

In response to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to support "Local Revitalization," Getac takes action to address issues caused by urban-rural disparities, such as population outflow, aging, and economic decline in local communities. The concept of "Local Revitalization" focuses on leveraging local characteristics, revitalizing the area, and supporting the economic development of local communities.
On June 17th, on a make-up work day, Getac organized the " Getac Team Building Camp: The Quest for Liao Tian-Ding's Treasure" activity. The event not only provided competitive prizes, meals, and local souvenirs but also integrated the idea of "Local Revitalization" into the team-building camp.
A total of 420 employees participated in the event, engaging in team competitions with local businesses. This not only tested team cohesion among colleagues but also fostered camaraderie and balanced physical and mental well-being. Through interactive games related to the historical significance of Dadaocheng, participants delved into the local culture and stories of the area. Additionally, the event included opportunities to taste local cuisine and enjoy exclusive discounts at local establishments, contributing to the economic vitality of the neighborhood and promoting sustainable local development.


Cultivating Industrial Experts

Connecting creative energy to industry development and transforming inspiration into tangible and achievable plans has always been the direction that Getac Investment and Control encourages young people to pursue. Getac Investment and Control, along with its affiliated companies, wholeheartedly promotes the "Youth Show Cup Creative Competition." In 2003, the Youth Show Foundation entered campuses and organized the "First Youth Show Cup Creative Digital Content Competition." Over the past twenty years, it has nurtured over 30,000 young students, providing a platform for practical creativity and self-expression for domestic colleges and universities. The competition has become a representative benchmark for fostering talent and has evolved alongside Taiwan's digital technology and design education development.
With the goal of cultivating international digital content and design talent, the competition has been walking hand in hand with the younger generation, creating a glorious future of innovation for Taiwan's industries.

About Y.S Awards

The 20th Youth Innovation Cup is themed "Cultivating a Sustainable New Future." It responds to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sustainable development is no longer just empty talk; it has become a tangible action guideline and a common language for the world. With regards to achieving net-zero carbon emissions, the intersection of sustainability issues and digital innovation technology is crucial for strengthening sustainable development and stimulating the circular economy in industrial development.
Getac Holdings encourages participating teams to develop conceptual proposals for the application software or VR scene application of rugged laptops and tablet computers in special environments such as national defense, public safety, logistics, transportation, healthcare, industry, and natural resources. The proposals should embody environmentally friendly and sustainable innovation concepts, opening up possibilities for innovative design and digital creation and constructing a future blueprint for smart technology, ecological environment, and sustainable development. This year's digital application and industrial design category can be broadly divided into three major directions: sustainable environmental and ecological issues, applications of environmentally friendly materials; detection and assistance in future transportation and public safety; and the development of educational and entertaining projects integrating SDGs and technology.
The works of the winners in each category not only impress with their creativity but also demonstrate feasibility and relevance to real-life situations. In the Dynamic Image category, the winner of the Getac Technology Creative Marketing award, titled "The Harder It Gets, the Stronger It Gets," received high praise from the judges. It showcased a high level of video production and sparked public awareness of the impact of war disasters and abnormal climate on Earth, emphasizing the ability for individuals to contribute to human survival.

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