Social participation

Everyone can make key contributions to building a better world. We firmly believe that unlimited possibilities can be unlocked by providing opportunities and eliminating obstacles facing underprivileged groups as a result of the rural-urban divide and a lack of resources.

Caring for Disadvantaged Groups

Getac espouses a spirit of “giving back to society in a spirit of gratitude.” The board of directors therefore earmarks part of the Company’s profits for the “Getac Charity Trust Fund.” In 2019, total expenditures amounted to NT$950,000.

Cultivating Industrial Experts

Getac encourages young entrepreneurs to make investments in the industry and give free rein to their creative energy to transform their brilliant inspiration into concrete programs. Starting in 2003, Getac has participated in “Y.S. Award” competitions in cooperation with affiliated companies, which has reached the 18th edition. These competitions serve as a catalyst for the fusion of creative concepts and industry capabilities. Winners receive cash prizes to help them realize their dreams.

Y.S. Award

In 2020, the epidemic completely rewrote the human way of life. In order to reduce the impact of operations, many businesses and businesses have resorted to digital technology to promote the digitization of industries, such as remote offices, catering delivery, e-commerce industry, audio-visual platforms, health and epidemic prevention products, etc. This epidemic is a crisis but also a turning point.

Therefore, the 18th “Y.S. Award” theme was "post-epidemic rebirth." With changes in the global industrial supply chain and cross-border trade structure, technological innovation and services will need to rethink how to apply and design to solve human social problems, whether in terms of living technology, life technology, or ecological environment technology, gathering talent in the fields of software applications, industrial design, and audio-visual media to build cross-domain cooperation, cross-border thinking, and innovation capabilities. Enabling them to explore the respective values and positioning of humans and machines together, and open up various possibilities for innovative design and digital creation.