PD TMDE Deploying 6,000 Getac V110 Rugged 2-1 Laptops

The Army managed through Product Director of Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment (PD TMDE) ordered over 6,000 Getac V110 rugged 2-1 laptops to be fielded as PEO Aviation's Logbook or AV-MSD. The V110 laptop included an internal PCMCIA reader which allowed Aviation platforms such as the Apache and Blackhawk to leverage their investment in this capability. The standard kit included the V110, power cable, optical drive, operator manual with quick start guide, and tactical carrying case. The COTS solution provides the end-users increased flexibility and performance with less downtime over previous solutions used by the program. Getac was chosen after a thorough vetting process and looks forward to opportunity of continuing to support the program.

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