Next-Generation Getac Veretos Body-Worn Camera Provides Needed Features, Flexibility and Convenience for Law Enforcement

Compact Design, Wide Angle 480p to 1080p Video, In-Field Tagging, Live Streaming, Built-In Communication Features and Flexible Mounting Options Help Law Enforcement Achieve Complete Situational Awareness

Getac is introducing its next-generation Getac Veretos Body-Worn Camera (BWC) for law enforcement. With one of the smallest and lightest designs in the industry, it delivers 130-degree panoramic 480p to 1080p video, even in low light conditions. Incorporating a wide range of communication features and up to 12 hours of full-shift battery life, the camera provides law enforcement with complete situational awareness in critical scenarios while its intuitive design makes the process of starting, stopping and streaming video push-button easy.

"We've done the research, spoken with police departments, and feel we have developed an incredible solution for law enforcement," explains Tom Guzik, Getac Veretos. "Our camera is more compact and lighter, more usable, and gives departments all eyes-on-the-scene. Coupled with the powerful analytics of Getac Veretos Enterprise Video Management, it is what law enforcement agencies need and what the public demands."

Each camera may be permanently issued or shared by multiple officers and easily checked in and out as needed. With a quick swipe of their ID card, the integrated RFID automatically and securely assigns the device to each officer. In-field tagging is easy with its convenient category wheel, which allows officers to classify videos in one of four predefined incident types. In addition, Getac's mobile app offers the ability to view and organize videos on the device without downloading or breaking the chain of custody.

Using its built-in WiFi, officers can stream live video directly to the Veretos Cloud where all videos and officer locations can be seen in real-time on a map by the Command Center to provide complete situational awareness. Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi automatically respond to customizable triggers to provide wireless activation of the camera when needed and its on-board GPS geotags assets and identifies precise locations. Once the camera is within WiFi range, all assets are automatically and securely uploaded to the Getac Cloud (hosted on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud) or self-hosted at the police department, both of which are CJIS compliant.

Flexible mounting options allow officers to comfortably and securely mount the camera regardless of their beat or working environment. A number of versatile mounting clips are available including a chest mount, pocket mount, molle mount, chest clip and epaulette clip.

To further ensure it can be used in any extreme environment, the camera is completely rugged and waterproof. Because it is IP67 and MIL-STD 810G-tested, it can survive drops and sudden impacts and can withstand rain, dust, and extreme temperatures - the level of ruggedness that Getac is known for.

The Getac Veretos Body-Worn Camera is designed to be integrated into the Veretos Mobile Video Solution, a feature-rich, browser-based digital asset management solution that provides real-time situational awareness and powerful analytics tools for authorized users. This highly-scalable and secure video solution supports flexible implementation secenarios, including local deployments behind agency firewalls and cloup options like CJIS-compliant Microsoft Azure Government, to build the best solution by adding enhanced capabilities to existing systems. By integrating all of the "pieces", including body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, interview room cameras, DVRs, and fixed location cameras, Veretos provides a complete, seamless end-to-end solution.

The Getac Veretos Body Worn Camera makes its debut at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference and Expo in San Diego. In addition, Getac's complete Veretos Mobile Video Solution will be installed in the Microsoft MAP police cruiser and demonstrated at the Microsoft booth during the conference to demonstrate a complete system solution for law enforcement professionals.

To learn more about the next generation Getac Veretos Body-Worn Camera and the Veretos video system solution, please visit getac.

About Getac

Getac is a key subsidiary of MiTAC-Synnex Business Group (2015 consolidated revenue $28 billion USD). Getac was established in 1989 as a joint venture with GE Aerospace to supply defense electronic products. Today, Getac's business includes rugged notebooksrugged tablets and rugged handheld and mobile video system devices for military, police, fire, utility, insurance and field-service customers. For more information, visit getac.


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