Transportation, Logistics & Supply Chain Operations Ushering in the Next Wave of Mobility

Learn how mobile IT investment is helping supply chain organizations get ahead and stay ahead.

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Transport & Logistics

Facing pressure from customers & regulators, T&L orgs need real-time shipment tracking, cargo condition monitoring, and AI/ML-based insights so they can make scheduling & routing decisions on the fly, with 80% upping mobile IT investment since the pandemic began.

Warehouses/Distribution Centers

Warehouse/DC firms face greater volumes, faster fulfillment demands & labor issues. To improve worker safety, workforce training, operational efficiency, and first-time-right rate, they must move past single-use workplace devices and embrace versatile hand-carry mobile computers.

Delivery Services

With bottlenecks, rising costs, worker shortages, and rising expectations to contend with, telematics must move beyond simple asset tracking to encompass real-time monitoring & routing of assets, drivers & vehicles. This calls for a powerful & highly-versatile mobile PC in the vehicle.

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