DHS DSS 2.0 Effective: 08/14/2020 – 08/13/25

CACI NSS, Inc. is fulfilling the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) The US Department of Homeland Security, Management Directorate, Office of the Chief Information Officer, IT Services Office requirement for Headquarters Information Technology Services to include Desktop Support Services (DSS).


  • The increasing mission demands, and growth of the Department of Homeland Security is driving the need for IT services to be more robust, reliable, and efficient
  • The current support service operations are centrally focused on users within the National Capital Region (NCR)
  • DHS HQ users are now more widely dispersed causing a change to this support model to support users across the Continental United States (CONUS), and as well as possibly Outside Continental United States (OCONUS)
  • DHS's current support model is a Government-Owned, Contractor-Operated (GOCO) environment of end-user devices and is seeking to transition to a Contractor-Owned, Contractor-Operated (COCO) environment that includes scheduled technology refresh and modernization of end-user equipment
  • By transitioning to a new support model, DHS expects contractors to provide continuous innovation that reduces operating costs, improves security, increases customer service, and provides an improved end-user experience
  • Also, it is expected that solutions may leverage such techniques as virtualization, thin client, mobile computing, and others.

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