20 Feb 2021

Six Advantages to Using Getac Video Solutions

Determining what body-worn or in-car camera offers the best low-light recording and pairing it with a storage system that makes it easy for officers to offload information can be challenging. Finding a solution that is configurable to your work-flow and durable enough to handle the demands of a shift, while staying within budget, is difficult. At Getac Video Solutions, we offer combined solutions to address those challenges. Here are six reasons Getac Video is unique.

1.) Decades of Rugged Experience and Software Innovation

Backed by nearly 45 years of combined expertise in software and hardware manufacturing, Getac Video’s story has given us the experience to create rugged and reliable products to meet the needs of today’s law enforcement community.

For more than 30 years Getac Technology Corporation has manufactured rugged computers for demanding environments including those in the military, law enforcement, and utility sectors. Several years ago, they partnered with IRSA Video, a software company which specialized in cutting-edge digital evidence management. Last year, they officially created Getac Video, an end-to-end solution provider, utilizing the hardware from Getac Technology Corporation and the software from IRSA Video.

2.) We develop, own, and manufacture our products

“When a customer asks me ‘What separates you from the competition?’” it’s an easy answer, said James Murphy, head of sales at Getac Video. “We are the core manufacturer [of our products]. Not only are we manufacturing our own hardware, but also developing our own software.”

Core manufacturing is almost unheard of in the industry, and it allows Getac Video the flexibility to stay current in the demands of the market while simultaneously creating new products backed with years of industry experience.

When it comes to software, Getac Video ensures our products not only look good on the front end but work seamlessly on the back end for things like maintaining the credibility of evidence and video.

“We’ve spent ten years building the backend,” said Scott Beeson, Director of Getac Video’s Convergence Platform, which he stressed, is different from every other product in the industry. “Most of the other products in this space start with some really cool visualizations, maps and stuff like that, but they haven’t been built from the ground up.”

3.) End-to-End Solutions Configurable for Your Agency’s Needs

Getac Video doesn’t just sell stand-alone products; we create a complete solution that is configurable to the needs of each department.

“We offer the full video solution from end-to-end,” said Nate Howard, a Technical Product Manager at Getac Video, “from body-worn cameras to in-car video, to interview rooms, to evidence management, all the way to (our) Real Time Command.”

Additionally, Getac Video offers more than 400 ways to configure the solution, so it is tailored to work for your department.

Our products are “configurable to your specific needs as an agency, and configurable to your workflow,” said Kaleb McDaniel, lead solutions architect (SA) at Getac Video.

4.) Policing Solutions Built for Today and Beyond

Technology is always changing, but Getac Video is set up to stay current in this ever-evolving field.

“We’ve set a pace to keep up with technology,” Murphy said. “We can give assurance to customers that we are always working on the next generation.”

This assurance is made easier by Getac Video’s ability to control every aspect of hardware and software development, and also by the products themselves.

Each product manufactured at Getac Video is “built with expandability in mind,” Murphy said. We want our solutions powerful for use today but also powerful enough tomorrow for add-ons, he said.

5.) Training and Solutions Personalized to Clients’ Needs

McDaniel and his team of SAs travel across the country and the globe to provide boots on the ground training, implementation, and support for Getac Video products.

Keeping officers connected and protected is key to the success of Getac Video, and that starts with product knowledge and client training. For Getac Video’s products to be useful in the field, clients have to be comfortable and confident in using them. That’s why Getac Video’s SAs go above and beyond to build and maintain client relationships. Their focus is to understand and provide solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients.

McDaniel recalled one particular training session for a smaller sized opportunity where he and his team received a compliment for going above and beyond. The client told him that other companies had just mailed their gear without much guidance, yet Getac Video spent the resources to be onsite, to train the client and implement the hardware for trial. The client was impressed that Getac Video hadn’t counted them out.

“How we use our SAs and how involved they are on any account is the differentiating factor,” McDaniel said.

6.) Passionate Team Eager to Help Law Enforcement

Talk to anyone at Getac Video, and you can hear the excitement they have for the work they do.

Howard shared, “The level of care and intensity we have for the job – we make sure we do it well. Not a day goes by that we are not talking with the customer or doing advanced research to make sure we provide a quality product that is reliable and easy to use.”

McDaniel echoed this sentiment.

“I think that the functionality and the reliability of our products are what I am most proud of,” he said. “The fact that I am able to serve [officers] to help them serve their community, I take pride in the fact that our solution is solving their problems and is improving the livelihood of those officers out there in the field.”

We’d love to have a conversation with you about our solution. Visit our website or contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how our fully integrated hardware and software solutions can work for your agency.

As one of the leading rugged computer providers, Getac offers extensive rugged computing product lines and serves a wide range of vertical markets.

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