Getac Starts 2021 No. 1 in Americas & EMEA
28 Sep 2021

Getac Starts 2021 No. 1 in Americas & EMEA

The first quarter of 2021 saw Getac retake the lead in rugged tablet shipments in the Americas. We’ve held the top spot for four of the last five quarters in this region. Perhaps even more significant was our rugged notebooks taking the prime spot in EMEA shipments for the first time. This surged on 10% market share growth year on year. Globally, Getac’s market strength proved enough to make us a Top-3 rugged vendor in both tablets and laptops.

The global rugged tablet market (where Getac was the only Top-3 vendor in 2020 to gain market share) saw revenues up an impressive 31% year on year (with shipments up 16%) on the back of robust growth in all regions. The Americas grew a tremendous 40%+ over the same period. Getac increased its market share by a healthy six percentage points. This growth left us a comfortable ten points ahead of our nearest competitor in Q1 2021 shipments.

The global rugged notebook picture was a little more mixed. The overall market saw single-digit declines in terms of shipments and revenue. APAC revenues were up a healthy 25%. However, the US only showed 5% gains (despite Getac achieving significant revenue and market share gains). LATAM was down 20%+, and EMEA declined 35% year on year.

The EMEA notebook decline was primarily due to a shift in demand to rugged tablets and other mobile form factors (where the region saw healthy gains). For those businesses still seeking the power, versatility, and full keyboard that a notebook offers, Getac shipments held up the strongest in the region. Our market share improved nearly ten percentage points year on year, enough to push Getac to the No. 1 position for the first time.*

Growing the market with Getac Select

As to why Getac has taken leadership positions in EMEA and Americas, the key reason is simple: Getac Select. Even with superior hardware capabilities and tolerances, offering a computer that can be dropped or submerged is not enough. This is especially true in industries that have many custom and/or legacy hardware and software in place.

Getac Select was created with these realities in mind. We offer equipment (including manufacturing accessories), software, legacy compatibility, simplified procurement, industry-specific pre-configuration, integration, aftersales support, and more. Because Getac is dedicated to rugged industries, this is all we do. Getac Select solutions are now digitizing Manufacturing, Utilities, Transport & Logistics, Public Safety, and Energy & Natural Resources, with more to come.

As one of the leading rugged computer providers, Getac offers extensive rugged computing product lines and serves a wide range of vertical markets.

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