9 Jul 2021

A Better Solution for Data Management in Law Enforcement

With the evolution of policing technology and increased accessibility, law enforcement personnel can access evidence data and video from more devices than ever before. An increase in data can improve efficiencies, but it also creates challenges. 

Because of the influx of data, servers and systems can quickly become overwhelmed and overloaded, meaning agencies might not be able to store or easily access it, rendering much of it useless. Adding another server to the system helps until this server reaches its capacity. The cloud allows limitless storage but does not solve the access and usability issues.  

Important information may be missed without the right tools to pull out relevant data. For example, after pulling over a vehicle, officers might not have time to search several databases to learn more about the vehicle and who might be in it.  

The Solution 

Systems that tackle all these challenges are readily available to law enforcement departments. The overall solution is a platform that brings agencies their own command center and puts officials in complete charge of all incoming data. The ideal platform also: 

  • Integrates all data, even from multiple systems and servers, whether it is hosted in the cloud or by a city-hosted server.
  • Is integrated with multiple databases and industry-standard ESRI maps so it is easier to find what is most relevant to a case.
  • Has technical and human analytical methodology, one that uses automated intelligence to provide the user with the ability to set alerts for when specific data is found.
  • Must be easy to categorize, sort, and manage.
  • Should be optimized for maximum uptime; that is, a system with plug-and-play technology that can be taken anywhere and set up within a matter of minutes.

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