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German Based Netzgesellschaft Berlin Brandenburg (NBB) Uses Getac F110 Tablets for Digital Surveillance and Documentation Tasks in the Power Grid
NBB is responsible for an extensive range of tasks in various areas. To ensure optimum efficiency and safety, the network operator relies on digitalization in the surveying and documentation of the pipeline networks. To ensure the safe operation of the pipeline networks, NBB has commissioned Mettenmeier with the extensive and demanding surveying services, which are to be carried out on site at various measuring points such as pipelines, trenches or construction sites.
F110, F110
Getac K120 rugged tablet used to 3D scan and model Lugang Mazu Temple, preserving its valuable cultural assets
LeaderTek used the Getac rugged tablet in combination with 3D laser scanners to complete the digital modeling of Lugang Mazu Temple.
Getac’s rugged devices help AMA further develop their AR remote assistance solutions into challenging environments
AMA is an international company that makes remote support easy and efficient for industrial organisations and field service workers.
F110, UX10-EX
Make Underground Supply Networks Visible: Leica Geosystems Relies on Fully Robust F110 Tablet from Getac
Using the F110 as an integral part of the geosystem, Leica provides an unparalleled, user-friendly way to get reliable information to the ground anytime, anywhere.
city of pueblo
The City of Pueblo Outfits Their Police, Fire & Public Works With Getac Devices
Pueblo is a home rule municipality that is the county seat and the most populous City of Pueblo County, Colorado.
Remica uses Getac T800 rugged tablets to deliver their energy-savings solutions with greater efficiency
Founded in Spain in 1984, Remica is a leader in the areas of heating, air conditioning and hot water.
Getac and Leica are making planning and maintenance work easier and more reliable
“The performance range of this compact variant is simply unbeatable. These units are so easy to operate, we were able to put the devices to work right away. All planning information and data are always available in the field. This enables us to design and execute our processes more efficiently. ” Robert Schulz, Technical Manager of the Special-Purpose Association for Public Water Supply DOWNLOAD […]
The Getac 12" convertible notebook continues in service at Berliner Wasserbetriebe
Berliner Wasserbetriebe (Berlin Waterworks) Efficient maintenance with rugged computers from Getac “The 12″ Getac convertible computer has satisfied us especially with its rotatable 12″ TFT display with LED backlighting and its high performance battery” Ernst Vondersahl, manager of the sewage channel network at Berliner Wasserbetriebe, explains. Download PDF [downloadpdf url=’/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/berlin_water_en_20111007.pdf’ text=’Download pdf’] Challenge Generally, the management of water, sewage, gas and power lines, requires high […]