X500 External Dual Bay Second Battery (media Bay) Charger

Features & Benefits

This external dual-bay main battery charger is designed to charge up to 2 batteries at the same time. It provides you the benefit of charging and storing the 2 main batteries together when there are limited space and power socket.

Product Information

AC Input : 100V~240V
DC Output : 13.05V, 2.4A Max.
Number of charge bays : 2 bays
Dimensions : L 160 x W 180 x H 72.5mm
Weight : 1.2kg


GCMCED (EU Power Cord)
GCMCUD (US Power Cord)
GCMCKD (UK Power Cord)
GCMCAD (AU Power Cord)
GCMCCD (CHN Power Cord)
GCMCTD (TW Power Cord)

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