EX80 Six Bay Charger with 120W AC Adapter

Features & Benefits

The EX80 Six Bay Charger is designed specifically to charge up to Six Getac EX80 Fully Rugged Tablets. The grab-and-go style allows the user to charge the tablet when not using it, without having to worry about misplacing it. Tablets are connected to the charger through the proprietary Pogo connector allowing A/C power and the corresponding status LED will light up to indicate the device is connected correctly. With VESA mounting holes ready on the charger, it can be mounted to a compatible wall mount in any suitable location that enhances operation deployment flow.

Product Information

Six Bay Charger :
Charge up to 6 devices.
Wall Mount : VESA Mount
Recommended operating temperature is between 5°C to 40°C / 41°F to 104°F
Charge only in non-hazardous area

AC Adapter : Input Voltage : 100VAC-240VAC
Output Voltage : 19VDC
Output Current : Max 6.32A
Charge only in non-hazardous area

Dimensions :
Six Bay Charger : L 480 x W 285 x H 125mm, Weight : 7.2KG

AC Adapter :
Dimension : 131.5 x 69 x 25.6mm ,Weight : 412g
Output cable : 1800mm
Power Cord : 1830mm


EX80 Six Bay Charger
(with 120W AC Adapter) (US)

EX80 Six Bay Charger
(with 120W AC Adapter) (EU)

EX80 Six Bay Charger
(with 120W AC Adapter) (UK)

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