EX80 Office Dock

Features & Benefits

The Getac EX80 Office Dock brings out multiple I/O ports for connecting essential peripheral devices in the office environment. Through the integrated Ethernet and USB connections, users can quickly collect and synchronize field data with central offices for real-time reporting and analytics.To ensure safety in explosive atmospheres, the DC-In Jack has been removed. Safety Charging can be performed by docking with the Office Dock in a non-hazardous environment. This AC adapter set includes five different power plugs -EU/UK/US/CN/AU, that fit different electrical outlets around the world, providing additional convenience for mobile operations.

Product Information

Office Dock I / O
Ports : RJ45 x 1 / USB2.0 x 3
Adapter :
Input Voltage : 100V-240V AC
Output Voltage : 12VDC
Output Current : Max 2A
Dimensions :
Office Dock : L 104.3 x W 150 x H 61.3mm
Weight : 0.34 kg
Adapter : L 57.5 x W 69 x H 32.6mm
Output Cable : 1800mm
Weight : 0.14 kg


EX80 Office Dock (Charging cradle with AC adapter, 24W, 100-240V AC, 50 / 60Hz)

*Please note that AC adapter is also available for sale separately as a replacement for EX80 Office Dock’s Ac adapter.
(SKU ID : GAA251 AC Adapter Set with US/EU/UK/CHN/ANZ Plug)

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