Getac enrollXpress

EMM’s best enrollment companion for Getac devices

Supports a range of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms, enrolling your Getac Android devices quickly and securely.

Enterprises need safe & rapid device enrollment for their EMM

With so many assets to manage, IT Managers want to enroll Android devices onto their EMM platform as fast and effortlessly as possible. However, a recent surge in professional cybercrime makes it difficult to navigate the trade-offs between speedy enterprise mobility management enrollment and robust endpoint security.

Still struggling with manual device enrollment?

Pushing out devices can be as quick as it is effortless with Getac enrollXpress. Enrollment QR codes can be distributed to multiple sites and the enterprise mobility management platform is customizable.
Simply turn on the Getac Android device. After QR Code is generated, a single scan activates device enrollment.
Enterprises typically must generate enrollment QR codes via the EMM tool, website or App. Most EMM provided QR code generators do not support enterprise grade wireless options that are used in most modern enterprises. Therefore QR codes can contain unencrypted ID and passwords, presenting a security risk when sharing.
Getac enrollXpress generated QR codes are encrypted with high security (EAP) protocols, taking security protection to the next level.

Getac enrollXpress – Enterprise Mobility Management enrollment that’s both fast and secure…

Dedicated App for generating an encrypted QR code to simplify EMM enrollment!

HOW enrollXpress WORKS?


Install enrollXpress on Windows


Run enrollXpress and use templates to generate enrollment QR Code


Use enrollXpress on the Android device to scan enrollment QR Code


Device enrolls into EMM platform

Why enrollXpress?


Greatly decreasing enrolment time and effort - After QR Code is generated, a single scan activates device enrolment.


Connection and Distribution Security Enhancements - Encrypted QR Code with support for the high level of commercial security.

Your Own EMM

Keep your EMM software - Supports a range of major EMM services with customizable templates.

Key Features

  • Dedicated App for QR Code generation with EMM templates
  • Encrypted by SHA256 checksum + AES256 encoded message + Getac proprietary syntax
  • Supports enterprise grade WPA3-Enterprise Wi-Fi methods


With GETAC enrollXpress

  • Self-Maintainer
  • Drivers & Manuals
  • Product Registration
  • FAQ & Help
  • Online Support
  • Getac Diagnostic Assistant
  • Getac System Recovery
  • Warranty Check


  • Main Unit Warranty Extension
  • Battery Warranty Extension
  • Keep your SSD / HDD Warranty
  • Getac Office Dock Warranty
  • 3rd Party Vehicle Dock Warranty

All Getac Software use is subject to our Software License Agreement.

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