Vehicle Dock (Gamber-Johnson)

Feature & Benefits

The Gamber-Johnson vehicle docking station for the Getac ZX10 tablet improves mobile worker productivity by providing a secure location for tablet charging, security, and connection to essential peripherals in mobile and in-vehicle workplaces.

Product Information

Dimensions: D 105.4 x W 291.8 x H 251.2mm
Weight: 1180g

Port Replication:
• USB 2.0 x 2
• Headphone / Microphone x 1
• Power input: 19 VDC
• Antenna: TRI RF (SMA) (Optional)


543391900501 (Dock)
543391900502 (Dock, Tri RF)
543391900503(Dock, 120W Vehicle Adapter)
543391900504 (Dock, Tri RF, 120W Vehicle Adapter)
543391900505 (Cradle)
543391900506 (Cradle, Tri RF)
543391900507 (Cradle, 120W Vehicle Adapter)
543391900508 (Cradle, Tri RF, 120W Vehicle Adapter)

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