OFFICE DOCK with Twin Battery Charger

Features & Benefits

This “office dock with twin battery charger” is designed to help you set up a handy work area when the job brings you back to the office. It not only brings out multiple I/O ports for connecting essential peripheral devices, but also allows you to charge up to two battery packs simultaneously with the integrated charging slots.

Product Information
Dimensions : L 223 x W 240 x H 243 mm
Weight : 1500g
Docking Connector : POGO
* w/ 90W AC Adapter 

I/O Ports :
DC in Jack  x 1
USB 2.0 x 3
USB 3.0 x1
LAN  x 1 
HDMI x 1
VGA x 1
Battery Charging Slot x 2
* EU = E, US = U, UK = K, AU = A, PR = C, TW = T - Power cords 
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