Multi-bay Battery Charger Eight Bay

Features & Benefits

The 8-bay multi-battery charger is designed to charge multiple battery packs simultaneously and provides users with an efficient charging solution.

Product Information

AC Input : 100V~240V AC, 4.2A 50~60Hz
DC Output : 19.5V, 16.9A
* w/ 330W AC Adapter
Number of charge bays : 8 bays
Dimension : L 465 x W 245 x H 95.3~111.3mm
Weight : 4.7 kg ,not including battery packs


GCECEC (EU Power Cord)
GCECUC (US Power Cord)
GCECKC (UK Power Cord)
GCECAC (AU Power Cord)
GCECCC (CHN Power Cord)
GCECIC (IN Power Cord)

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