Features & Benefits

The detachable folding keyboard docks via a Pogo Pin connector on the bottom of the F110 tablet, allowing you to easily transform the tablet into a laptop without reliance on extra tools or accessories. Featuring red backlighting, 88 full-size keys, and an integrated touchpad, the keyboard allows for a user-friendly, laptop-like operation to minimize mistakes and increase the efficiency as you perform data-intensive tasks. With the adjustable tablet bracket, it also acts as a screen cover and versatile stand that offers multiple viewing angles (up to 110 degrees) for comfortable use and on-the-job flexibility.

Product Information

Dimensions : L 314 x W 207 x H 19mm

Weight : 900g

Ruggedness : IP54 (only KBD), 3 ft drop (w/z system & closed)

Operating Temp : 0°C to 60°C

Storage Temp : -40°C to 71°C

Humidity : 0~95% according to MIL-STD 810G method 507.5

Procedure II Aggravated (Non-OP)




* US=U, DE=B, UK=C, FR=D, IT=E, TC (Traditional Chinese)=G, RU=H, AR=I,

KR=K, PL=L, ES (Spanish)=M,FDNS=N, UI (International US)=W - Keyboard


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