Getac System Recovery

Getac System Recovery allows you to download and make a copy of your factory default. An external bootable device for re-upload to your computer.

Benefits of Getac System Recovery

  • Help end-users to reset their devices back to the Windows factory default setting
  • Save your time to avoid returning your device to the service center
  • Takes only four easy steps


1. After clicking “Access Here”, you’ll be directed to a download page. Type in your serial number or select your device model.
2. Click the “App and Utility” tab.
3. Find the application you need and click download. Done!

* This utility supports Windows 10 , it does not support Android or other operating systems.
* This utility is for standard models and does not cover project-based or customized models. For more information, please contact your Getac Support.
* This utility supports Getac models launched after January 2017.
* For supported devices, please check the “Drivers and Software” section of the Getac support website.