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Mountain Rescue England and Wales uses Getac rugged devices to coordinate life saving emergency response operations
Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW) identified Getac’s F110 fully rugged tablet and T800 fully rugged tablet to coordinate life saving emergency response operations.
F110, T800
Thames Water upgrades its field workforce with new Android-based ecosystem built on Getac’s ZX10 fully rugged tablet
Thames Water quickly settled on Getac’s ZX10 fully rugged Android tablet. Its powerful performance capabilities, intuitive operation, and fully rugged reliability, all in a slim and versatile profile, ticked all the boxes that its field engineers needed in a new device.
Lima Corporate improves production line efficiency and sustainability with Getac tablets
LimaCorporate deployed the Getac K120 tablet for digital transformation of its manufacturing process management for its orthopedic reconstructive solutions.
Blueprint Subsea uses Getac’s V110 to power its Artemis Diver Navigation System
Following an extensive market assessment, Blueprint Subsea identified Getac’s V110 notebook as the ideal device for its Artemis interface.
The RNLI Historic Lifeboat Foundation Rugged Mobile Computing Solutions uses Getac rugged technology to meet complex rescue needs in harsh marine environments
The RNLI Historic Lifeboat Foundation maintains and operates historic RNLI lifeboats, exclusively in support of RNLI fundraising. Extremes of heat, frost, wind, rain, snow, salinity, humidity, condensation and corrosion cause significant deterioration and failure of devices, leading the Foundation to search for a more robust and reliable solution.
Romania’s Delgaz Grid Uses Getac’s F110 Models to Keep Their Customers Powered Up.
Delgaz Grid is a company part of the E.ON Romania group, the first integrated distributor of electricity and natural gas in Romania.
Getac K120 fully-rugged tablet brings digital transformation to metalware manufacturing
Customers expect the Sietzy Group to make and deliver its high-quality metal and steel products with both speed and precision, which is always a difficult balance. To maintain its leadership, the group needed a rugged and forklift-mountable tablet computer that could handle high-performance intralogistics data capture, sufficiently future-ready to keep up with the group's digital transformation roadmap.
Getac Fully-Rugged T800 Thrives in the Cold
Extreme reliability & performance enables hassle-free forestry
The Biodiversity Exploratories open research platform is the largest of its kind in Europe, researching land use influences on biodiversity.