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South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS)

Following a comprehensive technology review, SCAS identified a combination of Getac’s UX10-IP tablets and HAVIS secure docking stations as the ideal digital solution to replace its ageing legacy devices.

Featuring a fully rugged design, the UX10-IP can be taken wherever ambulance crews need to go. A tablet hard handle makes it exceptionally portable, while the high capacity battery delivers full shift reliability. Elsewhere, the UX10-IP boasts exceptional connectivity options, giving crews remote access to electronic patient care records (ePCRs) and other critical information at all times.

Region Dalarna

Region Dalarna now has UX10-IP tablets installed throughout its fleet of 38 ambulances. Each device has a dedicated ePCR solution installed, enabling medics to respond faster, receive support and access patient records on the fly. Getac UX10's large 10.1” display makes data gathering in the field quick and effective, while ergonomic design and fully sealed design means the device can be frequently cleaned and sanitised without fear of damage.

“We chose the Getac UX10-IP for its rugged design and high ease of use, combined with Getac’s generous warranty and efficient service case management, which meets our high standards for our 24/7 business,” said Robert Lind, Systems Manager, Region Dalarna.

Scottish Ambulance Service

The Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) is on the frontline of the NHS, despatching immediate medical assistance or clinical advice to over five million people throughout Scotland. From bustling city centres to the most remote parts of the Highlands, SAS crews need powerful and robust digital devices that they can rely on in every scenario, regardless of the location, weather or temperature.

The service uses Getac’s T800 fully rugged tablet to offer ambulance crews the ideal blend of functionality, connectivity, and mobility - allowing them to quickly locate incident scenes, gather patient data and access clinical support information.

Yorkshire Ambulance Service

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) covers almost 6000 miles of highly varied terrain and Getac’s V110 convertible notebook offers ambulance crews the support they need from IT devices to treat patients effectively in such locations.

The Getac V110’s combination of compact design, extensive functionality and rugged credentials make it the ideal solution for YAS’s needs. Not only can the device go wherever ambulance crews need to, but it also operates flawlessly in difficult weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Inbuilt 4G connectivity also allows teams to collect and share critical information from remote locations.

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