Region Dalarna ambulance service uses Getac UX10-IP fully rugged tablets to deliver fast, effective medical assistance to thousands of Swedish citizens



Region Dalarna ambulance service in Sweden covers approximately 28,000km2 of diverse terrain, including towns, cities, forests and remote rural landscapes. To find out more, download the complete success story.




/ Challenge / (Summary)

Region Dalarna ambulance service in Sweden covers approximately 28,000km2 of diverse terrain, including towns, cities, forests and remote rural landscapes. Its ambulances and crews need to be ready for callouts to any location, in any weather conditions, which means they need devices they can rely on in a wide range of situations.

/ Solution / (Summary)

The Getac UX10-IP fully rugged tablet is the ideal device for Region Dalarna’s needs. It’s powerful functionality and large 10.1” display makes data gathering in the field quick and effective, while ergonomic design and fully sealed design means the device can be frequently cleaned and sanitised without fear of damage.

/ Benefits / (Summary)

A decisive factor in the selection of the devices was the certainty of information about the supply network. Region Dalarna now has UX10-IP tablets installed throughout its fleet of 38 ambulances. Each device has a dedicated ePCR solution installed for easy access to accurate patient data, while Getac’s optional extended five year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty gives crews complete peace of mind when using them in challenging emergency situations.


/ Challenge /

Dalarna is one of 21 separate healthcare regions in Sweden. Home to around 300,000 people, it covers an area of approximately 28,000km2, making it the 4th largest region in the country from a size perspective.

The population of Dalarna is spread across diverse terrain, including numerous major towns and cities, as well as through expansive rural areas and forests. This means the Region Dalarna ambulance service needs to be prepared for different eventualities, from callouts in busy urban areas, to incidents in the most remote parts of the region.

A key aspect of these preparations is equipping each of its 38 ambulances with technology and equipment that crews know they can rely on, wherever the next call takes them. Emergency response work can often be highly challenging, with crews working against the clock in difficult conditions to provide patients with the lifesaving care they need. As such, they need devices that can withstand the physical nature of the work, as well as provide the powerful performance and remote connectivity required to quickly access patient records, review medial guidance, and decide on the appropriate course of treatment needed.

/ Solution /

For many years, Region Dalarna ambulance service has successfully relied on its fleet of Getac UX10 rugged tablets while out in the field, so when the time came to replace them, it knew Getac would be an excellent choice. Following a formal tender process, Region Dalarna identified the next generation Getac UX10-IP (Infection Prevention) fully rugged tablet as the ideal device to meet its needs.

The next generation UX10-IP is purpose-built for the unique needs of the emergency medical services like Region Dalarna. Powerful functionality and a large 10.1” LumiBond® 2.0 display makes gathering and sharing critical patient information easy, while a fully rugged, MIL-STD-810H certified design means emergency crews can stay focussed on the task at hand without worrying about accidental knocks and drops. The UX10-IP also features fully sealed buttons that makes frequent cleaning fast and simple, supporting effective infection prevention at a time when it’s never been more important. 

In addition, Region Dalarna opted for Getac’s extended five year bumper-to-bumper warranty, covering accidental damage as standard. This means that in the unlikely event of any unexpected damage or failure, the devices will be fully repaired and returned within just a few days, keeping Region Dalarna’s ambulances on the road where they belong.

/ Results /

Each Region Dalarna ambulance is now equipped with two Getac UX10-IP fully tablets, alongside one Getac F110 fully rugged tablet that the company purchased previously. The result is a comprehensive, powerful and highly reliable Getac data solution for ambulance crews to use, regardless of location, weather conditions or situation faced. The UX10-IP’s programmable buttons make navigating around the device quick and efficient, while its light weight and compact form factor saves precious space inside the ambulances.

Region Dalarna also uses Havis secure docks in each ambulance, which keep the devices safe and fully charged while in transit, but also allows them to be quickly detached and carried into the field as/when necessary. Furthermore, a dedicated ePCR solution is installed on each tablet, enabling medics to respond faster, receive support and access patient records on the fly.

“We chose the Getac UX10-IP for its rugged design and high ease of use, combined with Getac's generous warranty and efficient service case management, which meets our high standards for our 24/7 business,” said Robert Lind, Systems Manager, Region Dalarna.



Region Dalarna ambulance service serves approximately 300,000 people throughout the Dalarna region of Sweden. In an emergency situation it must reach 90 percent of the population within 30 minutes of the call being placed.

Region Dalarna also provides medical training for emergency services personnel from municipalities that have signed an agreement with the Dalarna Region on IVPA (Waiting for Ambulance) operations.


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