Explore the essentials of Workforce Management, how Getac Solutions enhances WFM strategies, and the future trends impacting this crucial business process.


Workforce Management, commonly abbreviated as WFM, refers to a complex system designed to optimize the productivity of employees, while balancing labor costs, scheduling, and job demands.

A successful WFM strategy aims to align the needs and priorities of an organization with its workforce to ensure the efficient achievement of business objectives. It is often supported by Workforce Management software that can automate many of these tasks and provide valuable data insights.

Importance of

Workforce Management

Effective workforce management is critical in all sectors, but it is especially crucial for employers and businesses in industrial manufacturing and utility industries. These sectors typically involve complex operations and large, geographically dispersed workforces, which require precise management to maximize productivity and minimize costs.

Objectives of Workforce Management

Durability and Ruggedness

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is the process of analyzing and forecasting the workforce needs of an organization. It aims to ensure that the right people with the right skills are in the right positions at the right time to achieve the organization's mission and strategic goals.

Durability and Ruggedness

Receiving Job Status and Completion Data

Workforce management solutions provide time tracking and a way for managers to receive real-time updates on job status and completion data from the field. This ensures a smooth flow of information between the field and the back office.

Durability and Ruggedness

Managing Large Field-Based Workforces

For businesses with a significant number of field-based employees, workforce management tools assist in managing these large groups. These tools aid in allocating tasks, tracking productivity, forecasting, and coordinating communication.

Durability and Ruggedness

Updating Multiple Back Office Systems

Workforce management software can synchronize with multiple back office systems of record, helping to maintain a single source of truth and reduce the risk of data inaccuracies.

Durability and Ruggedness

Scheduling and Dispatch Work Orders

Creating and managing schedules for staff members is a critical aspect of an employer for successful workforce management too. It ensures that jobs are dispatched to the right employees based on their skills, availability, and location.

Technology in Workforce Management

Integrating technology into a workforce management solution can significantly increase automation and efficiency, facilitating the management of large field-based workforces. It can aid in creating schedules, managing leave balances, tracking time, and processing payroll.

Workforce management software also assists in data analysis, providing insights into the current workforce and helping to forecast future needs for a productive workforce.

Workforce Management Solutions

A comprehensive workforce management solution encompasses several key aspects of workforce software:

Work Order Management

This involves the scheduling and dispatch of activities associated with the work orders to the field teams. It ensures the most effective use of human resources, minimizing downtime and boosting employee productivity.

Project Scheduling

Workforce management solutions have the capability to hold the schedule of activities for each project. This allows for a better understanding of planning, time management and resource allocation.

Asset Management

This involves managing tasks of assigning asset inspections and repairs to field technicians. A good WFM system helps in keeping track of all assets and processes and ensuring their optimum utilization and maintenance.

Job Management

This pertains to the optimization of scheduling and dispatching of jobs to field teams within companies and organizations. A strategic approach to job management leads to happier employees, lower staffing costs, and increased employee productivity.

Romania’s Delgaz Grid Uses Getac’s F110 Models to Keep Their Customers Powered Up.

Improving Field Operational Efficiencies & Communication Using Getac K120 Rugged Tablet

Getac Solutions on

Workforce Management

Getac Solutions, a leading provider of rugged laptops and tablets that support workforce management software, is redefining how businesses manage their workforce in today's challenging business environment.

Durability and Ruggedness

Connectivity for Quick Response

In an environment where quick response times can make all the difference, constant connectivity is a must. Getac's solutions offer 4G LTE and IEEE 802.11ax Wi-Fi, enabling real-time communication between field workers and their managers. This feature ensures that issues such as power outages are addressed promptly, minimizing downtime.

Durability and Ruggedness

Increased Productivity

Increased control over teams is another key benefit offered by Getac's workforce management solutions. Through features like overtime alerts, businesses can optimize manpower usage, ensuring that employees are most productive where they're needed the most. This contributes to increased productivity and more efficient operations.

Durability and Ruggedness

Barcode Reader

For effective asset management, barcode scanners are invaluable. Getac’s rugged solutions offer 1D and 2D barcode reader options to facilitate these tasks, further enhancing the capabilities of their entire workforce and management solution.

Durability and Ruggedness

Highly Readable Safety Checklists

Getac Solutions, leveraging its proprietary LumiBond® 2.0 technology, provides highly readable displays even in areas with varying light levels. This feature ensures easy access to safety checklists and manuals, promoting high standards of safety.

Durability and Ruggedness

GeoPal Collaboration

In the UK, Getac has a collaboration with GeoPal.

GeoPal is a customisable mobile workforce management application that connects field workers, remote assets and internet of things sensors, leveraging field data to immediately gain actionable insights and increase productivity, profitability and compliance.


Laptops | Fully Rugged | 11.6-Inch | Windows

Getac V110

The V110 is a compact and lightweight laptop with an 11.6-inch display that can transform to fit different user scenarios.

Tablets | Fully Rugged | 11.6-Inch | Windows

Getac F110

The F110 was named the Best Rugged Tablet in 2021 by ZDNet and in 2023 by TechRadar. It has a slim form factor and an 11.6-inch FHD screen.

Reliable In-vehicle Safety On The Move


This software utility helps drivers to stay focused by reducing visual and manual distractions using screen blanking on the move, keeping them safe.

Future Trends in

Workforce Management

As technology continues its ability to advance at a rapid pace, it's clear that the future of workforce management will be shaped by several key industry trends. These are poised to redefine how businesses manage their workforce and adapt to changes in the business landscape.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation are transforming numerous industries, and workforce management is no exception. AI and machine learning algorithms can analyze historical payroll data, predict future demand and staffing needs, and optimize scheduling.

Digital Transformation in Workforce Management

The integration of digital technologies into all areas of business is changing how operations are run and how value is delivered to customers.

For instance, cloud-based workforce management solutions provide businesses with the flexibility and scalability they need to manage their workforce effectively. They allow for real-time data access and decision-making, regardless of location.

Addressing the Impacts of Climate Change

With growing concern over climate change, businesses and organizations are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. Remote work options can reduce commuting and the associated carbon emissions. Similarly, smart scheduling and route planning for field service workers can minimize travel distances and fuel consumption.


Adopting a flexible approach towards workforce management is key to navigating the changing workplace environment. With technology partners like Getac Solutions, companies can leverage state-of-the-art workforce management software and services to optimize their operations, manage their resources better, and ensure their workforce remains productive and engaged.

In today's demanding business environment, keeping track of individual employees, managing training, and ensuring effective field service management is paramount. Advanced WFM software tools and software solutions are no longer just an option but a necessity for most businesses.

Through its comprehensive suite of solutions, Getac helps businesses streamline their workforce management processes, improve their performance levels and productivity, and reduce labor costs. By enabling businesses to leverage data for better decision-making, Getac Solutions can drive significant improvements in operational efficiency and business performance.


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