At Getac we believe safety, above all achievements, is the success that matters the most. Our Getac Select® Solutions are
inherently rugged, equipped with Ingress Protection (IP), and offer ANSI/UL, ATEX or IECEx certification at your request.
We are here to help you work safely and effectively in challenging weather conditions, hazardous environments and other
difficult conditions, whether you are in extreme heat, working with explosives, or driving forklift trucks in the warehouse.


According to the National Safety Council, in 2020 the U.S. experienced 55.4 million injuries1; over 3 million non-fatal accidents and
3,272 fatal accidents are reported annually in Europe2 , according to European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA Europe);
and an International Labor Organization report shows that 340 million workplace accidents happen every year globally3.
We see there is plenty of room for workplace safety improvement, and technology is a key part of the solution.
At Getac, we endeavor to ensure the safety and health of our employees through policies, measures and education.
We prioritize safety for our customers too. Our solutions are designed to help you work safely and securely
while focusing on the task at hand with full peace of mind.
To mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we want to underscore how the creation
of a safe work environment is the foundation for business and personal success.

1: National Safety Council, 2021/12/16; 2: OSHA Europe, 2021/5/18; 3: International Labor Organization, 2022/4/6


For enterprises, peak performance means optimizing safety as well as output, and requires technology that is fit-for-purpose.

discover how rugged TECHNOLOGY
upholds workplace safety

Getac Select® Solutions
Support Your Success

Getac advocates for environmental protection and carbon neutrality through promoting
green manufacturing processes and the usage of sustainable production materials.
Our Getac Select® Solutions are designed to function in rugged and extreme environments,
and it plays an important role in supporting the success for those working in
conservation and environmental protection.


Every $1 USD donated plants one tree with One Tree Planted

As achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 becomes the world’s most urgent mission,
Getac is reaffirming its commitment to sustainability by joining hands with
One Tree Planted, an NGO that focuses on global reforestation,
which matches with our vision and goal of a greener future.
Inspired by our customers from the public safety, natural resources,
and environmental protection sectors, the collaboration sees both organizations
working together to raise funds that will contribute to restoring forestry and climate stability.
We like to invite our partners and customers to join us to make a difference,
together, we move one step closer to a better future we visioned.
All proceeds raised will go to reforestry projects worldwide,
where much of the ecosystem has been impacted by forest fires in the past few years.



*Getac will match donations up to 15,000 trees until May 31ST 2022

  • I joined Getac in 2021 as a Service Specialist with over 15 years’ Service experience. I was very thankful for the opportunity to join a growing company such as Getac. My role was very diverse, from Logistics to customer presentations . I also got to join in lots of projects to help the company ensure that our customers are being provided with the best possible service. They have provided an incredible workplace for me to learn and grow, whilst maintaining a close knit, friendly culture. As my role has evolved over the years and my knowledge grew, as such I felt as though I needed a new challenge. An internal opportunity arose within the Solutions Team which I felt was the right move for my career progression within the company. I am elated to embark on this new journey, and I thank Getac for this opportunity.

    Claire Marchant - Solutions Specialist
  • I joined Getac in September 2021 and from the very beginning, it was evident that Getac is a company that values innovation, integrity, and a commitment to excellence.
    As a Business Development Manager, I have had the privilege of representing a brand that not only sets industry standards but continuously raises the bar. The dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our clients has made every day at Getac both exciting and fulfilling.
    The collaborative and inclusive culture at Getac has played a pivotal role in my success. Working alongside talented and motivated colleagues has not only made every project a team effort but has also created an environment where ideas are shared, and success through innovation is celebrated. The support I've received from both my immediate team and leadership has been a cornerstone of my achievements over the 2 past years.
    Getac's commitment to customer satisfaction has been a driving force in my role. Representing a brand that prioritises quality, reliability, and customer-centric solutions has not only enhanced my professional credibility but has also made every client engagement a rewarding experience. It's a testament to Getac's reputation as a trusted vendor in the industry.
    In conclusion, my journey as a Business Development Manager at Getac has been nothing short of exceptional. I am proud to be part of a company that values its employees, fosters a culture of continuous improvement, and remains at the forefront of technological innovation. If you are considering a career with a company that offers not just a job but a platform for growth and success, I would strongly recommend Getac.

    Alexander Gittens- Business Development Manager
  • I consider myself very lucky to work as part of the Getac family for the past 12 years. Prior to this I had worked for the Mitac/Synnex group since 1989.
    My role as Sales Administration and Logistics Manager has been very varied and interesting. No day is the same and I love the challenges that come with this role.
    Problem solving and forward planning has enabled our team to achieve an efficient delivery model for our Getac products.
    Getac have always been a very supportive and caring organization offering encouragement and advice. I have been fortunate to work with some lovely people as we all aim for the same goal in playing our part to help Getac succeed.
    As a team we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional approach always going above and beyond to achieve what’s required to get the job done.

    Kay Clark-Sales Administration and Logistics Manager
  • I joined Getac in 2021 as a Service Specialist with over 15 years’ Service experience. I was very thankful for the opportunity to join a growing company such as Getac. My role was very diverse, from Logistics to customer presentations . I also got to join in lots of projects to help the company ensure that our customers are being provided with the best possible service. They have provided an incredible workplace for me to learn and grow, whilst maintaining a close knit, friendly culture. As my role has evolved over the years and my knowledge grew, as such I felt as though I needed a new challenge. An internal opportunity arose within the Solutions Team which I felt was the right move for my career progression within the company. I am elated to embark on this new journey, and I thank Getac for this opportunity.

    Jonah Meyer – Marketing Coordinator
  • The Kreis (district) of Borken in Germany carries out around 22,000 rescue missions per year, including 16,000 ambulance transports and more than 5,000 emergency doctor missions. The fully rugged UX10-IP tablet impresses them not only with its speed and extreme durability, which enables reliable work, (even after drops or other heavy impacts), but also with the performance of its batteries, which can be constantly charged via Havis docking stations. When away from the docking stations, the device’s long battery life guarantees stable, reliable operation over long periods of time, even when the units are heavily used. Meanwhile, when calls are transmitted to an ambulance via the control centre, the device’s robust connectivity allows the response team to receive all the recorded information and patient data directly on their UX10-IP devices. As one of the district’s emergency responders put it, “The device is incredibly practical, the batteries last longer than a day. It runs even faster and smoother than previous devices and is therefore ideal for our purposes. Every time we go out on a call, we notice that the UX10-IP is even more powerful and allows faster data transfers for our emergency services.” With the fully robust Getac UX10-IP tablet, the district’s emergency medical personnel are now optimally equipped for patient care and can manage all the mission-critical data required with maximal efficiency. In short, the UX10-IP is helping the district set a new course for the digital future of its rescue services.
    Kreis Borken: Ensuring Robust Reliability for Life-Saving Missions with Getac UX10-IP
  • The benefits of Digital China and Getac’s innovative partnership have already proven substantial, including inbound and outbound time reductions of 150 minutes and 60 minutes, respectively, average inbound/outbound documentation reductions of 70%, and near-100% inbound rate accuracy. “Providing our customers with comprehensive smart solutions is our business vision,” noted the general manager of Digital China’s Internet of Things department, “and Getac’s rugged UX10, F110, and T800 tablets deliver exactly what they need. Not only do they offer extraordinary durability and reliability, they also integrate perfectly with our warehouse logistics software and radio frequency identification (RFID) scanning solutions, guaranteeing exceptional performance for our customers.” In short, Digital China’s collaboration with Getac has already delivered dramatic benefits, addressing a host of complicated real-world warehouse pain points to enable Digital China to provide even better service to their millions of customers.
    Getac’s UX10 Rugged Tablets Power Digital China’s State-of-the-Art Warehouse Automation Solutions

    “Getac is grateful for all participants who joined us to contribute to a greener future. As a gesture of gratitude, Getac matches all donations made before the end of May 2022, and we’ll continue our commitment to being environmentally responsible on a global level.”

    - Getac Technology Corporation

  • Współczesne przedsiębiorstwa żeglugowe wymagają wydajnej i wysoce zorganizowanej platformy logistycznej portów, a dzięki innowacyjnym dostawcom, takim jak Getac, wzrosła wydajność świadczonych przez nas usług. Dzięki naszemu partnerowi technologicznemu Sanval Electronic z Genui, który ustawicznie wspierał nas w tym procesie innowacji, uznaliśmy, że modele fully-rugged F110 oraz T800 firmy Getac są najbardziej odpowiednim wsparciem dla naszych technologii. Nasi operatorzy są w stanie zarządzać wszystkimi etapami załadunku i rozładunku niezależnie od siebie, trzymając się przy tym harmonogramu oraz stosując odpowiednie metody działania. Nie muszą też obawiać się zakłóceń pracy wywołanych niekorzystnymi warunkami pogodowymi, przez co znacznie poprawiają wydajność swoich codziennych zadań.
    Grupa Spinelli
    Ivo Bonomi | manager ds. technologii informacyjnej
  • Jesteśmy małym klientem – co trzy lata zamawiamy około 30 sztuk. Wiemy, że jesteśmy mali, oni też wiedzą, że jesteśmy mali – mimo to traktują nas tak, jak ich konkurencja traktowałaby tylko nabywców hurtowych, których zamówienia uzupełniające można liczyć w tysiącach, a nie dziesiątkach sztuk.
    Monroe County Ambulance
    John Cummings | manager działu IT
  • Produkty marki Getac spełniają nasze oczekiwania w zakresie czytelności ekranu oraz zgodności z dyrektywą ATEX. Ekran jest bardzo przyjemny w użytkowaniu, a Android zapewnia dostęp do nowych funkcji, znacznie usprawniając przy tym prędkość wykonywanych działań. Rozwiązania firmy Getac cechuje również wysoki standard wykończenia oraz wytrzymałość, która sprawia wrażenie niezawodności.
    Pierre-Antoine Barré | AMOA manager projektu łańcucha dostaw
  • Bizim işimizde bağlantı çok önemlidir. Tableti araca, sayaca, yazıcıya ve sevk memuruna bağlamamız gerekiyor. Arızalar gecikmelere neden olacağı için dayanıklılık da önemlidir. Genel olarak değerlendirildiğinde Getac tabletleri, işimizi yaklaşık %60 daha verimli hale getiriyor.
    iGA Havalimanı Yakıt Hizmetleri
    Seyfullah Yavuz | Sevkiyat Tesisi Operasyon Şefi
  • Günümüzün deniz taşımacılığı şirketleri, verimli ve oldukça organize bir liman lojistik platformuna ihtiyaç duyuyor ve Getac gibi yenilikçi tedarikçiler sayesinde müşterilerimize giderek daha verimli hizmetler sunabiliyoruz. Bu inovasyon sürecinde bizi sürekli destekleyen teknoloji ortağımız Sanval of Genoa sayesinde, teknolojilerimizi desteklemek için en uygun ürünler olarak Getac'ın tamamen dayanıklı F110 ve T800'ünü belirledik. Operatörlerimiz, tüm yükleme ve boşaltma aşamalarını bağımsız olarak, programlara ve doğru çalışma yöntemlerine bağlı kalarak, olumsuz hava koşulları nedeniyle iş kesintisi endişesi olmadan ve fiili olarak günlük görevlerinin verimliliğini artırarak yönetebiliyor.
    Spinelli Group
    Ivo Bonomi | Bilişim ve İletişim Teknolojileri Yöneticisi
  • Biz, yaklaşık her üç yılda bir 30 adetlik alım yapan küçük bir müşteriyiz. Biz de onlar da küçük olduğumuzu biliyoruz ancak bize diğer bazı büyük bilgisayar üreticilerinin sadece "yenileme" siparişleri onlarca yerine binlerce olan toplu alıcılara yaklaştığı gibi yaklaşıyorlar.
    Monroe İlçe Ambulansı
    John Cummings | BT Yöneticisi
  • Getac ürünleri, ekran okunabilirliği ve ATEX yönetmeliklerine uygunluk ile ilgili beklentilerimizi karşılıyor. Ekran oldukça keyifli ve Android, yeni işlevsellikler katarken kayda değer olan işlemlerin yürütme hızına da destek oluyor. Getac çözümleri, ayrıca kusursuz görünen bir sağlamlık ile yüksek kaliteli bir kaplamaya sahip.
    Pierre-Antoine Barré | AMOA Tedarik Zinciri Proje Müdürü
  • No nosso trabalho, a conectividade é muito importante. Necessitamos de ligar o tablet com o veículo, o medidor, a impressora e com quem faz a expedição. A robustez também é importante porque as falhas provocam atrasos. No fim de contas, os tablets Getac tornam o nosso trabalho mais eficiente em cerca de 60%.
    iGA Airport Fuel Services
    Seyfullah Yavuz | Responsável de Operações de Distribuição
  • A indústria de transportes marítimos requer uma plataforma de logística eficiente e muito organizada e, graças a fornecedores inovadores como a Getac, conseguimos oferecer serviços cada vez mais eficientes aos nossos clientes. Graças ao nosso parceiro tecnológico, a Sanval de Genebra, que nos tem apoiado de forma consistentes neste processo de inovação, identificámos o F110 e o T800 da Getac como os produtos mais apropriados para suportarem as nossas tecnologias. Os nossos operadores podem gerir todos os estágios de carga e descarga de forma independente e adotar o método de operação mais correto sem receios de interrupções no fluxo de trabalho devido a fracas condições climatéricas e, na verdade, conseguem melhorar a eficiência das suas tarefas diárias.
    Grupo Spinelli
    Ivo Bonomi | Gestor de ITC
  • Somo um cliente de pequena dimensão – 30 unidades a cada três anos. Sabemos que somos pequenos e eles sabem que somos pequenos, mas tratam-nos de uma forma que outros fornecedores de computadores robustos só aplicam a compradores de grande volume, cujas ordens de renovação são nos milhares e não nas dezenas.
    Monroe County Ambulance
    John Cummings | Gestor de TI
  • Os produtos Getac vão ao encontro das nossas expectativas em termos de fiabilidade do ecrã e conformidade com as normas ATEX. O ecrã é muito agradável e o Android apresenta novas funcionalidades, da mesma forma que facilita a velocidade de execução de operações, o que é positivo. As soluções da Getac também apresentam elevada qualidade de acabamento com uma robustez que parece ser a toda a prova.
    Pierre-Antoine Barré | Diretor de Projeto de Cadeia de Distribuição AMOA
  • In ons werk is connectiviteit essentieel. We moeten de tablet verbinden met het voertuig, de meter, de printer en de verkeersleider. Robuustheid is ook belangrijk, want uitval betekent vertraging. De tablets van Getac maken ons werk ongeveer 60% efficiënter.
    iGA Airport Fuel Services
    Seyfullah Yavuz | Delivery Facility Operation Chief
  • Transportbedrijven vandaag de dag hebben een efficiënt en zeer georganiseerd platform nodig voor havenlogistiek. Dankzij innovatieve leveranciers als Getac kunnen wij een steeds efficientere service verlenen aan onze klanten. Dankzij onze partner in technologie, Sanval uit Genua, die ons altijd heeft bijgestaan in dit innovatieproces, hebben we vastgesteld dat de volledig robuuste F110 en T800 van Getac de meest geschikte producten zijn om onze technologieën te ondersteunen. Onze operators beheren hiermee alle stadia van het laden en lossen onafhankelijk, terwijl ze op schema blijven en zich houden aan alle correcte werkwijzes, zonder de angst op werkonderbrekingen door slechte weersomstandigheden en juist met hogere efficiëntie in hun dagelijkse werkzaamheden.
    Spinelli Group
    Ivo Bonomi | ICT Manager
  • We zijn een kleine klant - elke drie jaar zo'n 30 eenheden. Wij weten dat we klein zijn en zij weten dat we klein zijn, maar ze behandelen zoals andere robuuste computerproducenten alleen grote inkopers behandelen, met ‘verfrissings’-bestellingen in de duizenden in plaats van enkele tientallen.
    Monroe County Ambulance
    John Cummings | IT Manager
  • Getac-producten voldoen aan onze verwachten wat betreft schermleesbaarheid en naleving van ATEX-regelgeving. Het scherm is erg aangenaam en Android biedt naast nieuwe functionaliteiten ook de snelheid om werkzaamheden uit te voeren. Dat is zeer merkbaar. Getac-oplossingen hebben ook een afwerking van hoge kwaliteit, met een robustheid die onfeilbaar lijkt.
    Pierre-Antoine Barré | AMOA Supply Chain Project Manager

    “Stay healthy!”

    - Vanessa, The Hoffman Agency


    “Hope the planet remains healthy with everyone's help.”

    - Anonymous, Peason Ltd.


    “Happy Earth Day!”

    - Virginia, The Hoffman Agency


    “We only have one Mother Earth!”

    - Cinny, CY Holdings Limited


    “Every day should be earth day!”

    - Stephen, The Hoffman Agency


    “Wishing for a green planet to next generations!”

    - Stefania, CIE Telematica


    “Let's make this world a better place for our children!”

    - Anonymous, Getac Technology Corporation

  • Getac products meet our expectations in terms of screen readability and compliance with ATEX regulations. The screen is very pleasant, and Android allows new functionalities while facilitating the speed of execution of operations which is appreciable. Getac solutions also have a high-quality finish with a robustness that seems to be fool proof.
    Pierre-Antoine Barré | AMOA Supply Chain Project Manager
  • We’re a small customer – 30 units every three years or so. We know we’re small and they know we’re small, but they treat us the way some other rugged-computer makers only treat volume buyers whose ‘refresher’ orders are in the thousands rather than the tens.
    Monroe County Ambulance
    John Cummings | IT Manager.
  • Today's shipping companies require an efficient and highly organized port logistics platform, and thanks to innovative suppliers such as Getac, we’ve been able to provide increasingly efficient services for our customers. Thanks to our technology partner, Sanval of Genoa, which has continually supported us in this process of innovation, we have identified the fully-rugged F110 and T800 by Getac as the most appropriate products to support our technologies. Our operators, can manage all loading or unloading stages independently while keeping to the schedules and adhering to the correct operating methods, without fear of work interruptions due to adverse weather conditions, and actually improving the efficiency of their day-to-day tasks.
    Spinelli Group
    Ivo Bonomi | ICT Manager
  • In our work, connectivity is very important. We need to connect the tablet with the vehicle, the meter, the printer and the dispatcher. Ruggedness is also important because failure will cause delays. All in all, Getac tablets make our work around 60% more efficient.
    İGA Airport Fuel Services
    Seyfullah Yavuz | Delivery Facility Operation Chief,

    “Ogni giorno è il Giorno della Terra (Every day is Earth Day).”

    - Anonymous, Zulu Medical SRL

  • "No nosso trabalho, a conectividade é muito importante. Precisamos conectar o tablet com o veículo, o medidor, a impressora e o despachante. A robustez também é importante porque uma falha causará atrasos. Em suma, os tablets Getac tornam o nosso trabalho cerca de 60% mais eficiente".
    Seyfullah Yavuz, Chefe de Operação da Instalação de Entrega, Serviços de Combustível do Aeroporto IGA
    Aeroporto de Istambul
  • "Os produtos GETAC atendem às nossas expectativas em termos de legibilidade da tela e estão em conformidade com os regulamentos ATEX. A tela é muito confortável e o ANDROID permite novas funcionalidades ao mesmo tempo em que facilita a velocidade de execução das operações o que é importante. As soluções Getac também têm um acabamento de alta qualidade com uma robustez que parece ser infalível. Para nossos agentes, as soluções Getac são, portanto, um ganho em robustez, entrada de informações, com um rápido aumento das habilidades devido à democratização do sistema ANDROID".
    Pierre-Antoine Barré, Gerente de Projetos da Cadeia de Abastecimento da AMOA, Primagaz.
  • "O Getac F110-Ex oferece capacidades de processamento de alta qualidade e durabilidade em uma embalagem ergonômica e robusta. O corpo durável pode resistir à umidade, poeira, temperaturas extremas e quedas que são desafios comuns na indústria de mineração subterrânea sem ser volumoso ou pesado. A versão que usamos vem com processadores Intel Core i7, portanto há muita energia para passar rapidamente por aplicações de computação intensiva enquanto aumenta a eficiência energética geral, e um sistema de bateria dupla que permite que você troque facilmente sem ter que pausar, prolongando assim o tempo de trabalho da solução. A Reutech Mining SSP se encaixa perfeitamente no tablet robusto Getac F110-Ex em um pacote que proporciona uma gestão de risco geotécnico incomparável em tempo real na mineração subterrânea".
    Aleksei Medvedev, Chefe de Projeto do Grupo VIST
    Grupo VIST

    “Fire fighters have to deal with new challenges and extreme weather conditions every day. They must also be able to rely on vehicles that are equipped with advanced technology that can precisely identify the geographical position of an incident and immediately understand the emergency situation at hand. All the critical events that are typical of this job put crews under extreme pressure. This is why fire fighters today need reliable tools like the Getac F110 fully rugged tablet to deal with these challenges confidently.”


    Thomas Hartinger – Rosenbauer EMEREC Mobile Information System Manager

     View Success Story

    “The breadth of Getac’s catalogue and its coherence allowed us to offer multiple options depending on customer needs and to ensure that we always meet their expectations at the best price possible. Getac’s wide range of accessories and connections allowed us to answer positively to customization requests from high end customers with very specific needs”


    Charlie Pinedo, Head of Operations, CerbAir


One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment
by planting trees. Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild
forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity.

"We are grateful for the support of businesses like Getac who are passionate about making a positive impact for the environment. The trees we'll plant together will create lasting benefits for wildfire relief and climate stability."

- Ashley Lamontagne, Forest Campaign Manager of One Tree Planted

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Getac Select® Solutions
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Behind every successful woman lies a story of strength. As we look at the past year, we’ve seen women from all walks of life grow from the challenges that were thrown their way. From acting as a key decision maker, supporting a family or fighting a fire, these women do it all. In challenging work environments, where unpredictable situations are part of our everyday, Getac’s industry-proven solutions are built to thrive under any kind of extreme environment, and these women did the same - they soared to even higher highs.

This International Women’s Day, we want to honour the success of these women. Let’s celebrate and learn from their success - together, we can rise above any challenge.
Saluting Success!

The Cornerstone Behind the
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Last year, we were inspired by the stories of strong women in diverse industries. In 2022, Getac explores the secret strength that lies behind their success. Whether it is trust and reliability, equality, balance, or efficiency, the support that these women lean on are similar to how Getac Select® solutions value-add to women in power, regardless of industry.
The Bedrock of Women’s Success in Challenging Work Environments

Getac sees technology as a tool that can help achieve gender parity while ensuring the women in its network receive maximum opportunities to thrive.

How Tech Can Augment Women Talent and Further Equality in Sports

Discover how a sailing coach’s experience highlights technology’s ability to build confidence and spur higher achievement in a challenging and competitive field.