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12 Oct 2022

How Technology Deployment Services Improve Device Potential and Business Capabilities

For many organisations, new technology deployment can be a daunting prospect. Not only are there business continuity concerns during the transitional phase, but teams need to consider many factors long before deployment begins. These are enough to leave heads spinning at both executive and IT levels. On top of that, switching vendors, partners, devices, operating systems, and configurations, potentially all at once, can often feel like a big step into the unknown.

Professional Services teams can change everything. They can work closely with customers to understand key challenges and specific needs. They can do these tasks before designing tailored solutions that streamline deployment, improve business capabilities, and maximise device potential.

From SLAs and training requirements to asset tagging and stock-level management, Professional Services are designed to deliver a truly seamless deployment from start to finish, however long that may take.

Getac’s Professional Services offering can be broken down into five core areas. These align with the primary considerations every business faces when deploying a new technology solution at scale:

Project Lifecycle Support

Large-scale technology deployment services regularly take months or even years to complete. During this time, there’s a host of factors to consider, many of which can significantly impact overall deployment success.

Getac’s dedicated team of technical experts has worked with customers from day one on all aspects of the project. These services range from scoping requirements, and peripheral/accessories support to bespoke customization needs and remote/on-site technical support.

In short, customers are never on their own regarding critical deployment decisions and staying on top of project management milestones.

Project Configuration Services

Project configuration services are designed to support customers, streamline deployments, and effectively capture valuable information for asset tracking and device management purposes.

Examples of services offered in this area include SIM installation, asset tagging, and kitting services that consolidate orders for simplified shipping and deployment throughout the project.

Image Technology Deployment Services

Achieving a consistent IT experience for every employee is often a key priority during new technology deployments. Getac supports all industry-standard image deployment technologies to ensure seamless image compliance across even the largest organisations.

These include Autopilot – a Windows 10 technology designed to simplify the deployment and remote configuration of many devices over the internet – and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager – an administration tool that enables organisations to manage and safeguard devices and software within their environment.

Image deployment services also include gold build support and custom branding options. Customers can have their BIOS and logo added to every device before deployment.

Software Solutions

Dedicated software solutions can significantly improve the speed of initial rollout and the ease with which teams can manage/maintain new deployments. Getac offers a wide range of patented software solutions to support customers’ needs across various sectors and industries.

These include Getac’s Device Monitoring System (GDMS). This software tracks and monitors all deployed devices, spotting potential issues before they can impact field-based personnel. Meanwhile, Getac deployXpress, streamlines the deployment configuration, provisioning, and updating of Getac Android devices.

In addition, Getac offers a range of industry-specific software utilities. These include Getac OEMconfig, Getac Driving Safety Utility, Getac VGPS Utility, and Getac KeyWedge Barcode Reader Utility, which let employees hit the ground running after a new deployment.

Warranty and Support Options

Once a new technology deployment solution is in place, practical ongoing support and maintenance become the main priority. This helps drive down the total cost of ownership and maximise the return on investment.

From a maintenance perspective, Getac is confident in its rugged computing technology that it offers a 3-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. This includes accidental damage as standard across its entire fully rugged device range. However, extended warranties are also available for devices, batteries, and accessories for organisations wanting even further peace of mind.

Returning devices for repair isn’t always convenient from an operational perspective. For this reason, Getac also offers a unique Self-Maintainer Program. This allows customers to replace small consumable parts themselves, reducing unplanned downtime and minimising any operational impacts.

When deploying new technology solutions at any scale, businesses don’t need to go it alone. Getac Professional Services not only help minimise business disruption before, during, and after the transition. It also ensures IT teams approach deployment correctly at every stage, resulting in a seamless implementation from start to finish.

Amanda Ward is the EMEA Senior Director of Technology & Services at Getac, owning and driving end to end solutions through working with key business clients and engineering groups to deliver end to end process and IT solutions.

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