Getac F110 fully rugged tablets keep flights on schedule at Istanbul Airport, the largest Airport in the world

“In our work, connectivity is very important. We need to connect the tablet with the vehicle, the meter, the printer, and the dispatcher. Ruggedness is also important because failure will cause delays. All in all, Getac tablets make our work around 60% more efficient.”
Seyfullah Yavuz, Delivery Facility Operation Chief, IGA Airport Fuel Services

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Opened for business on April 6th, 2019, Istanbul Airport (IST) is the biggest airport in the world. Covering 76.5 million square meters, it hosts flights to 300 destinations and serves 200 million passengers annually. IGA Airport Fuel Services is responsible for refuelling all the airplanes, which arrive or depart at an average rate of one every minute. They need to automate the refuelling process to avoid delays. They also need to monitor the battery level of their fleet of electric hydrant dispensers.


On each hydrant dispenser, a Getac F110 is installed with a vehicle adapter and mounted on a Havis vehicle dock. The powerful Intel® Core™ processor combined with 4G connectivity allows the dispatcher to control the automated refuelling process from the office. Operators can keep track of the electric vehicle’s battery level on the brilliant 11.6” sunlight readable display.


Centralized control and automation of the refuelling process through the F110 greatly reduces the possibility of human error leading to flight delays, which incur high costs for passengers, airlines, and airports alike. Real-time monitoring of the vehicles’ batteries keeps the fleet at peak readiness, which is essential at a busy airport that never sleeps.

  • Posted at 27 September 2019

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