/ Challenge /
For over 85 years, Primus AG has been one of the leading suppliers of integrated fire protection systems in Switzerland, with a customer base of several hundred. In order to offer its customers maximum safety, the company covers all firefighting needs: from individual consulting to the sale of fire protection solutions and comprehensive services for on-site inspection and maintenance to training offers. Primus AG's diverse clientele includes companies from almost all sectors (military, telecommunications, industry, including chemical and pharmaceutical companies and petrol stations, and luxury sectors such as watch manufacturers), as well as private individuals. Primus also works closely with architects, specialist planners, property management companies and general contractors. To en-sure that customers of Primus AG can always rely on their high-quality devices and equipment, their inspection service teams are on site at companies throughout the year to maintain fire protection devices from Primus in accordance with regulations.

With around 40 office staff and 90 mobile service technicians, Primus guarantees that all fire protection systems are in perfect condition after maintenance or service repairs. Primus is always up to date on the complex, rapidly changing guidelines and advises its customers in detail on optimal fire protection options. All Primus customers are therefore always covered - especially in the event of an insurance claim should something happen. All services, repairs and maintenance can be precisely documented by Primus.

"Our task is preventive fire protection. This means preventing fires or fire damage at an early stage by means of technical systems. This opens up a wide range of tasks for the field staff," explains Stephan Meer.
For example, in addition to inspection and maintenance of extinguishers in accordance with regulations, the protection of computer systems in the server room is also covered. To prevent servers from overheating, the temperature of the rooms and the smoke detectors must be constantly checked. In the event of overheating, CO2 is emitted, and the fire hazard is eliminated by depriving the room of oxygen.

For valid documentation and smooth cooperation with architects, construction managers, installers and facility managers, Primus AG must be able to rely on the latest, reliable technology. That's why, after thorough testing - including testing in a cold room to check cold resistance - it equipped its staff with Getac's fully rugged F110 tablets.

/ Solution /
The tasks that arise in the field service at Primus require rugged reliable tablets, and a permanent period of use of five to six years. At the same time, the devices would need to run under Windows in order to be able to use the mobile ERP solution. By using Getac tablets, Primus met these and all other selection criteria.

Primus purchased the fully rugged tablet from Getac´s partner ET Schweiz Consulting GmbH which provided advice on the selection of the device.
Meanwhile, 73 F110 devices are permanently in use at Primus. Service processes in the company were digitalised as early as 2012 and have since been supported by rugged tablets.
This high level of stability is a particularly important factor for Primus, because delays and errors must be avoided at all costs in such highly sensitive areas as fire protection. Now, in addition to the safe maintenance and servicing, a complete documentation of the work is carried out; the proof of which is indispensable for Primus and its customers.

In addition, every device failure means that the field service has to cancel appointments. With the Getac tablets, Primus benefits from almost trouble-free processes in technical service.
The Getac F110 tablets are not only used by the Primus field service for maintenance and service. Frequently, spare parts or new equipment have to be ordered quickly, which is then also done on site directly via the device. After completion of the work, the customer confirms acceptance of the work done and signs this with a digital pen on the touch screen of the F110. Invoicing is quick and error-free with automatic data transfer to the ERP system.

"Many of our customers have trusted our company for decades. We feel obliged to offer them the best possible performance at all times. For this reason alone, we would choose Getac's fully rugged F110 tablet again and again: With it, we have been able to significantly optimise our service offering".
Stephan Meer - Head of Service at Primus

/ Advantages /
With the F110, Primus field service technicians always have all data at hand and can always rely on their device. The mobile ERP solution from Primus can continue to be used on the tablet running under Windows. The F110 ensures constant work and stable functionality even under adverse conditions.
In addition, the high ease of use and the fast computing power of the fully rugged F110 tablet are very well received by the team. Due to the high reliability of the tablets, Primus only has to keep a small number of spare devices iin stock; meaning the administrative effort for warranty service procedures is only marginal.

"The F110 is our tablet of choice. The device is incredibly handy, user-friendly and powerful. Even complex maintenance instructions are quickly available so that our technicians can quickly complete their appointments."
Stephan Meer - Head of Service at Primus

Thus, the F110 has convinced Primus AG with its latest technology, the robust design for use under extreme conditions as well as its high certification standards. The same applies to Getac's first-class service and its industry-leading warranty. So far, this service has only been used for minor damage in daily use. All devices were back in use after a very short time.
Primus AG thus guarantees its customers high-quality and perfectly maintained fire protection solutions. Thanks to Getac's F110, Primus can keep an eye on the functionality and condition of its systems at all times and, if the worst comes to the worst, can document the accurately maintained condition of all fire protection systems. The processes in the field service now run smoothly; safely, efficiently, and the customer satisfaction has further increased.

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