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/ Challenge /

Remica’s technicians intervene daily in all kinds of hazardous environments, which extend from boiler rooms to roofs, including construction sites and costumer homes that have difficulties to access installations. As part of their hands-on daily life, they are permanently on the go and frequently work on their tablets while they commute, which requires reliable, fast and sturdy hardware able to survive all kinds of perils.

/ Solution /

Getac was able to meet such specific requirements with its rugged T800 tablet. Its combination of multiple connectivity options, including 4G and integrated GPS, powerful and reliable processor and state-of-the-art touchscreen readable bright sunlight and sturdy build provide field technicians with a valuable ally.

/ Benefits /

Its battery can carry the technician through their shift and beyond, and optional high-performance batteries are equally available, allowing workers to move on directly to the next shift by easily hot-swappable batteries. The T800 operates with an intuitive Windows OS that most technicians are already familiar with.

“Since using the GETAC tablet, hardware incidents have decreased by 98% and we believe that these savings will continue to improve as we continue to purchase Getac tablets”,

Juan Francisco de la Torre Laguna, IT Director REMICA.

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/ Challenge /

Temperatures can reach extremely high levels in boiler rooms, certain missions require gaining access to roofs under all weather conditions (including heavy rain) and the dust in most construction sites makes it difficult to operate a tablet or even read its screen.

Drops are just as frequent and their previous hardware failed as much as 63 times in the first 8 months of 2018: screens broke, the device malfunctioned after drops and frequent in-vehicle vibration or after being exposed to high temperatures, batteries died mid-intervention, connection was lost and automatic distress reboots were so frequent they could delay the mission by several hours.

This changed dramatically after the company switched to T800 Getac devices: rugged and designed to survive all the perils of any field mission, these tablets combine processing performance, an unbeatable battery life, manageability and a 4G connection module that assures constant connection to a local network.

/ Solution /

“With their Intel® Atom Processor x7-Z8750 1.6 GHz, burst up to 2.56 GHz and 8GB RAM/ 256GB Storage, technicians can be sure the device’s processing speed will meet their expectations and that no time will be lost with reboots or any other operational delays.

The 8.1 inch Lumibond® screen with 600nits allows them to easily read data both under intense sunlight as well as in environments where luminosity is low. The touchscreen can be operated with one’s bare finger, with thick gloves, with a pen or even in the pouring rain.

It can survive a very wide temperature range and won’t break or malfunction from falls from up to 6 feet. It does not need a protective case though it can be used in a moving vehicle and even coupled to it with a special support.

Its multiple connectivity options and integrated GPS make communication significantly easier and can save the day in the case of missions carried out in remote areas.

It comes with multiple possible battery options and configurations to ensure that it stays on 24/7 – its standard battery can easily survive an 8 to 12 hour working shift, but high capacity batteries and bridge batteries are also available, enabling hot swaps so it can be pooled between workers and used across multiple work shifts.

/ Benefits /

Remica sees in Getac tablets a powerful field ally because:

1. It can survive all kinds of harsh environments including high humidity, extreme temperatures and drops.

2. It can be operated with the technician’s bare hands, gloves, a pen or even under the pouring rain and the screen remains readable no matter how bright the sun is.

3. The high-speed processors ensure that no time is lost due to malfunction reboots or complications due to low storage and connection as well as GPS tracking are available at all times, even in remote areas.

4. Its Windows OS makes it easy to operate; the tablet is light and can be easily carried around.

5. All accidental damages are covered and Getac commits to collect, repair or replace and deliver the device within a few days, saving Remica time by improving their efficiency.

/ About REMICA /

Remica, founded in Spain in 1984, is a leading company in  the sectors of heating, air conditioning and hot water. The company was founded in order to provide an appropriate response for customers who demanded both specialized installation and preventive maintenance.

It quickly set itself apart due to their environment-friendly practices and frequent use of R&D so as to implement the latest technologies that help make technology more efficient, this lowering both CO2 emissions and the costumer’s monthly bill.

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