Remica have chosen Getac to speed up processes

“Since using the GETAC tablet, hardware incidents have decreased by
98% and we believe that these savings will continue to improve as we
continue to purchase Getac tablets”,

Juan Francisco de la Torre Laguna, IT Director REMICA.

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Remica’s technicians intervene daily in all kinds of hazardous environments, which extend from boiler rooms to roofs, including
construction sites and costumer homes that have diculties to access installations. As part of their hands-on daily life, they are
permanently on the go and frequently work on their tablets while they commute, which requires reliable, fast and sturdy hardware able
to survive all kinds of perils.


Getac was able to meet such specic requirements with its rugged T800 tablet. Its combination of multiple connectivity options,
including 4G and integrated GPS, powerful and reliable processor and state-of-the-art touchscreen readable bright sunlight and sturdy
build provide eld technicians with a valuable ally.


Its battery can carry the technician through their shift and beyond, and optional high-performance batteries are equally available,
allowing workers to move on directly to the next shift by easily hot-swappable batteries. The T800 operates with an intuitive Windows
OS that most technicians are already familiar with.


  • Posted at 11 February 2020

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