MACC relies on Getac: Optimisation of its sales representatives' rounds and sales process with the F110


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Challenge (Summary)

The MACC group carries out all of its sales via a network of 100 sales representatives who travel throughout Europe, (France, Benelux, Spain, Italy and England) on road, in their vehicles. This means that every employee needs to be equipped with reliable, robust and mobile IT devices which can communicate in remote locations across the construction and agricultural sectors. Furthermore, with reliable IT equipment, sales staff are able to meet and demonstrate various MACC product ranges to craftsmen and tradesmen when working in the field or as part of a build.

Solution (Summary)

After conducting a serious and in-depth study of the competition in the market for rugged tablets and computers, the MACC group (comprising MACC and AgriMACC) chose to equip its 100 mobile representatives with Getac F110 tablets. The robust, compact and reliable equipment, perfectly adapted to the difficult work environments, and allowed employees to fulfil all the stages of sales required during the day to largely improve their results.

Advantages (Summary)

This customised solution of Getac’s F110 offers several advantages. First, the F110's 11.6-inch touchscreen display features innovative LumiBond® 2.0 technology, which provides outstanding readability in challenging weather conditions and can be used with a finger, gloves or a stylus. Second, Dual WiFi and 4G connectivity is essential for regular outdoor work tasks. Finally, the rear truck mount system for easy charging and the two built-in hot-swappable batteries offer greater autonomy on the go, going from 2h to 6h runtime. These are all essential features that offer users all the comfort and peace of mind they need when on a mission in the field.


The MACC group, through its brands : MACC and AgriMACC, designs and markets innovative products for professionals in the building and agricultural sectors. The distribution is made through a direct sales network who are on the road on a daily basis. Every year, more than 100 exclusive representatives travel all over Europe in order to meet their customers, to demonstrate and sell products. Therefore, the MACC company has been addressing for more than 60 years, all the building industry and tradesmen such as roofers, electricians, masons, carpenters, painters, plumbers, and plasterers. This is in France, as well as the UK, Benelux, Spain, and Italy. As for the AgriMACC entity, since 2018 it has been offering solutions to French farmers such as cereal growers, breeders, market gardeners, landscapers, and wine growers. Since the 1990s, MACC has also been using computer equipment (tablets) onboard its store trucks. Without a tablet, the salesmen would not earn money as they wouldn’t be able to electronically count sales. That's why, following reliability problems, MACC started looking for a high performance, reliable, and autonomous rugged equipment, as well as also a partner to rely on during the whole project.


With Getac's global solution of the F110 tablet, vehicle adapter and Havis docking station that can be directly integrated into the store trucks, the MACC group benefits from a tailor-made digital solution that allows it to optimize all of its sales processes, from product demonstration, to the signing of order forms, including capture of useful information. From now on, customers can directly receive confirmation of their orders in real time, wherever they are. For example, a construction site or a remote farmland. As Christophe, a salesman at MACC, explains: "Using the Getac rugged tablet has revolutionised my rounds. Before, I was limited in my activity because of the low battery capacity, the cold, the projectiles and also the rain! My device was quickly out of order and I had to revert to paper solution, which is not optimal in the field… Now, this problem is gone. My truck is equipped with a charging station and a printer/scanner, which allows me to optimize my visits and improve my efficiency. I can no longer do without the options integrated into the Getac tablet, such as the GPS, which allows us to geolocate our customers, and the dynamic and visual sales software, which offers the flexibility to digitize all of my operations via this tablet. I can therefore conduct my sales from A to Z using this innovative technological tool, which is particularly useful in my field of activity. The sales representatives can plan their appointment rounds thanks to the embedded GPS that geolocates their position so that they can then go to the indicated address to physically present the products”.


The orders are completed entirely via the tablet, with the process entirely digitalised. Whatever the season, with this rugged material resistant to temperature variations, dust, humidity and possible shocks to which the terrain exposes them, the salesmen can always come to meet their customers and demonstrate their products. They can move without any difficulty, for long hours and can cover many demands; All this has greatly improved sales. Finally, in addition to Getac's Bumper to Bumper warranty, which covers accidental damage as standard, MACC has chosen to take out a 5 year extended warranty on tablets, docking stations and batteries. It's peace of mind guaranteed with a breakdown service in less than 5 days, (on average). In fact, Getac guarantees its users to maintain their operational efficiency by sending a carrier within 24 hours to retrieve and replace the equipment. With this, The MACC Group does not have to worry about additional costs or prolonged downtime in case of unforeseen events.


For 60 years, MACC, a team of 200 people in France, Spain, Italy, England and Belgium, has been recognised by building craftsmen as a company with strong values, marketing innovative, solid and ergonomic products, redesigned for craftsmen since they were created with the collaboration of professionals, and future users.

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