Lucchini RS Group chooses Getac’s F110 tablet to optimise its wheelset integration service

Lucchini RS is a steel manufacturing group that offers a diversified range of high-tech products and services and operates globally. Founded in 1856 in Lovere (Bergamo/Italy), it specialises in the production of rolling stock (such as wheels, tyres, axles, and wheelsets) for high speed and passengers’ trains, trams and metros vehicles, locomotives, freight wagons, and on-track machines.

At the manufacturing plant situated in Lovere, also called ‘The Blue Forge’ due to its beautiful location – surrounded by the mountains and the blue waters of Iseo Lake – the production process is totally integrated from furnace to final products.

For some years now, the company has chosen to rely on Getac F110 fully rugged tablets to carry out some important steps of its wheelset integrated service and ensure its customers a product with high quality standards. From checking wheels to other processes such as pre-testing actual conditions or digitally tracking components, technicians needed to rely on a reliable device to enter data smoothly. For other internal processes, such as defining the best gearbox overhaul procedure, Lucchini RS needed the F110’s integrated barcode scanner to capture key data to share with the entire engineering team to verify and work on the best solution. With the final check, the original wheel composition is ready for the customers.

The fully rugged tablet F110 can withstand a variety of environments, a wide range of temperatures, drops, and rain, and its large 11.6″ touchscreen display can be read even in direct sunlight, allowing seamless application during daily operations. The F110 is the ideal device to fulfil the company’s mission to produce cutting-edge railway innovations for a safe and united world.

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