Kongsberg Target Systems hit the mark for its customers with Getac’s UX10 fully rugged tablet


Kongsberg Target Systems need wireless solutions to work flawlessly in demanding weather conditions. Getac's UX10 fully rugged tablet offers the perfect blend of versatility, rugged reliability, and functionality.

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/ Challenge / (Summary)

As one of the leading providers of electronic shooting targets, monitors and control systems in the world, Kongsberg Target Systems (KTS) needs its wireless solutions to work flawlessly in demanding weather conditions and landscapes. Doing so requires digital technology that is built to thrive in the type of environments where many consumer-grade devices would quickly fail.

/ Solution/ (Summary)

Getac’s UX10 fully rugged tablet offers the perfect blend of versatility, rugged reliability, and functionality. Key features, such as MIL-STD-810H and IP65 certifications, hot swappable batteries, and industry leading touch screen capabilities makes it the perfect shot monitoring device, feeding live information back to the shooter as soon as the bullet hits the target.

/ Benefits/ (Summary)

With the Getac UX10 at the heart of its solutions, KTS is confident that its customers can use them with full satisfaction, regardless of the weather and environment. Furthermore, Getac’s Bumper-to-Bumper warranty ensures that any unexpected damages or faults can be repaired quickly and efficiently, giving customers complete piece of mind.

/ Challenge /

Kongsberg Target Systems (KTS) supplies electronic targets, monitors, and control systems, as well as spectator solutions, for both indoor and outdoor shooting events/competitions. The company’s wide range of products supports all distances, from 10m air rifles on optic targets to sniper rifles at 3000m on acoustic targets.

KTS’s wireless ‘plug and shoot’ systems are both safer and more efficient than paper-based alternatives, which need to be manually scored and patched by someone down range after every shot. In fact, KTS customers have reported a fourfold increase in shooting and training efficiency, thanks to the instant feedback on the monitors.

In order to provide this feedback, KTS’s solutions incorporate a wireless digital monitor that shooters can use to assess their accuracy just moments after a bullet hits the target. However, with shooting events taking place in all kinds of weather, environments, and topography, these monitors need to be both versatile and highly reliable in whatever situation they are being used.

“We have customers in over 35 countries, everywhere from Abu Dhabi, Australia, Norway, and Svalbard, covering everything from private personnel to military applications,” says Ole Rabbevåg, CEO, KTS. “As such, our equipment must be able to handle everything from the dusty and warm deserts of the Middle East to the frozen dark arctic tundra of Svalbard. It must be user friendly, a modern design and intuitive for the private market, but also rugged and dependable for military users.”

/ Solution /

With more than 25 years of experience, KTS understands the value of high quality, reliable technology and a trustworthy supplier. For this reason, KTS has chosen the Getac’s UX10 fully rugged tablet as the monitor for their complete electronic target systems.

Not only does the UX10 boast MIL-STD- 810H and IP65 certifications for complete reliability in every environment, but it also includes numerous other features that makes it perfectly suited to KTS’s requirements.

“A key monitor consideration for us is battery life,” explains Ole. “Many shooting ranges operate without mains power, so there’s no possibility of charging monitors on-site. However, the UX10’s hot swap functionality means customers can bring additional batteries and change them without any disruption to their shooting. The battery life of the Getac UX10 is superior anyway, so they don’t need to be changed often, but having the option to do so is imperative for us and our customers.”

Another powerful feature is ability to turn off the UX10’s touchscreen, but still use the stylus, which ensures that the tablets can be used even if the screen is soaked in water.

“There are a lot of capacitive multi touch displays that are just fine to use with gloves and in the rain, but the Getac UX10 is the best one for our needs,” explains Ole. “It offers different touch modes for different uses, and the responsiveness is excellent. At some point, other capacitive touch screens will start to fail when they are in contact with too much water, that’s just a fact. So, to be able to turn off touch, but still use the touch pen makes the UX10 superior to other tablets on the market.”

/ Benefits /

With the Getac UX10 at the heart of its solutions, KTS knows its customers can use them with full confidence, regardless of the weather or environment.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing, raining, dusty, muddy, or scorching sun, we know that our targets, monitors and control systems will work flawlessly,” says Ole. “This means the only thing our customers need to worry about is to stay on target. Our systems will take care of the rest.”

In the event of any unexpected damage or faults, Getac’s Bumper-to-Bumper warranty means devices will be quickly repaired and returned, minimising disruption for customers.

“It’s great to be able to send tablets directly for repair without worrying about cost,” adds Ole. “If there is something wrong with a customer’s tablet, we can tell them it will be fixed hassle free, in just a few days.”

“We pride ourselves on our ability to make electronic target systems that are reliable, user friendly, and versatile,” concludes Ole. “We’ve tested many different devices over the years, but the UX10 is the only one that checks all the required boxes, making it the natural choice for us and our customers.”

/ About Kongsberg Target Systems/

Since 1994, Kongsberg Target Systems has been dedicated to make robust, accurate and easy to use electronic targets for a better shooting experience. KTS’s dedication has made it the only supplier in the world offering target systems for almost all ranges, from 10m to more than 3000m. It delivers targets for back yard training as well as for the biggest and most complex shooting competitions in the world. It currently has over 15,000 targets in use at 1,900 ranges, in 35 countries around the world.

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