Getac Fully-Rugged T800 Thrives in the Cold.
Extreme reliability & performance enables hassle-free forestry.



The Biodiversity Exploratories open research platform is the largest of its kind in Europe, researching land use influences on biodiversity. All trees on all 150 forested study plots are inventoried at five-year intervals, ideally in winter. But a forest survey is data-intensive outdoor work, requiring a tablet computer with powerful wireless GPS capabilities that can run the requisite mapping and inventory software continuously, no matter what cold and wet conditions are encountered.


The fully-rugged Getac T800 Windows tablet has been used successfully on these inventories for three years, acquitting itself admirably even in the harshest wintertime conditions, enabling smooth and swift real-time data collection all day, every day, for weeks at a time. Its sunlight-readable touchscreen responds instantly and flawlessly, even in extreme cold, snow, or rain, while its slim form factor sits comfortably in hand for long periods.



The T800 enables very large amounts of survey work to be done on short winter days, with no time lost due to screen, processing, wireless, or battery issues or any other mechanical problems. In the words of Dr. Julia Bass, "Large amounts of data can be collected easily, quickly, and securely in all weather conditions, and the tablets can withstand rough outdoor use without problems or failures."

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“Since we switched to Getac T800 tablets three years ago, our inventory processes have been uninterrupted and highly efficient. They withstand winter cold, humidity, and harsh environment without problems and are very comfortable to use. Despite being severely challenged by the cold and used daily for several weeks in winter, the T800 has supported the team since its first use with complete ease and fail-safe operation.”

Dr. Julia Bass - Area Manager

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T800 Fully Rugged Tablet

The Getac T800 fully rugged tablet is always there when you need it. Its 8.1" screen is just the right size to get things done and its thin, ergonomic design allows you to hold it comfortably in one hand.

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