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  • CAD integration for coordinated response: Quick positioning and precise communication with dedicated GPS and high-speed 4G LTE WWAN.
  • Robust record security: Advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication, including Windows Hello and TPM 2.0, safeguard sensitive data.
  • Mobile efficiency on-site: Lightweight, convertible devices powered by Intel® Core™ processors ensure top-notch on-scene reporting.
  • Seamless eCitation process: Minimize errors and delays in filing with reliable connectivity and integrated law enforcement software.
  • Enhanced situational awareness: Stay informed and connected with rugged devices boasting MIL-STD810H and up to IP67 certifications, ensuring performance in any condition.
  • Fire & rescue readiness: Critical information at your fingertips, compatible with fire safety planning and ePCR software, even in harsh environments.

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Rugged mobile computing that delivers precision, accuracy, and reliability.