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Dear Partner,

In reference to the current Covid-19 period, we can assure you that Getac is monitoring the situation very closely and have already taken appropriate measures to protect our employees and customers. Naturally, we also follow the state's regulations without exception.

Please note that during this time, we are fully taking advantage of our digital platforms. As a result, our employees are able to act without any restrictions in their home offices and are available to provide you with support and assistance via your preferred communication.

Also, please be aware that our Getac factories and service facilities are up and operating; We continue to have more access to critical components every week, and our delivery times are improving weekly. You can be sure that you can count on Getac.

We will keep you informed of any updates and changes through the Getac partner portal. You can also find an updated guide for cleaning Getac computing devices on our website.

Thank you for your trust and stay safe,

Your Getac Team

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