Romania’s Delgaz Grid uses Getac’s Rugged Tablets to Keep Their Customers Powered Up.


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  • The digitalization of utilities through smart meters was a turning point for Delgaz Grid, part of E.ON Group in Romania to implement a massive number of installations of smart meters in Romania, with more to come in the near future.

Getac’s rugged tablets help to ensure that Delgaz Grid’s technicians can solve the root of the problems facing the electrical/gas grid and fix outages quicker


Taipei, June 28th, 2023: The International Energy Agency (IEA) reported in a 2022 study that approximately $21.4 billion in USD have been invested in smart meters in 2021[1]. It’s understandable why investments are reaching these numbers, as Smart meters are the latest step in digitizing electric grids, and by monitoring information such as energy usage, voltage regulation, load currents, and more, smart meters enable faster outage notifications and easier repairs.


The value of smart meters is not lost within Delgaz Grid, member of E.ON Romania group, which has installed over 300,000[2] already and has plans to add an additional 397,000 smart meters by the end of 2028. This means that over 45% of E.ON Romania’s electric customers will be serviced by smart meters with even more to come[3].


These investments come from a strong priority to digitalize solutions, especially for Delgaz Grid: “In our aim to distribute energy and increase the level of satisfaction of our customers, at Delgaz, we pioneer the use of digitalization of every link of the chain.” Says Mr. Florin Mariuca, IT manager at Delgaz Grid.


The smart meter solution aids in Delgaz Grid goals by tracking electricity and gas consumption and collecting relevant energy management data. This information is then transferred remotely to operators through Getac’s rugged mobile devices: “With the Getac F110, we go a step further in this process by facilitating our field operators with real-time information,” says Mr. Mariuca. These devices enable operators to scan barcodes or QR codes on the outside of their units. These scans deliver information to help field workers quickly to determine what repairs need to be done to get electricity and gas running without interruption. According to Mr. Mariuca, this real time information “translates into faster response and repairs; and, thus, happier customers.”


As critical conduits to this real-time information in the field, much is demanded of Delgaz Grid’s Getac F110 tablets. Work performed in the field means that operators and their devices deal with a variety of conditions, from below-zero winters with heavy snow, to rainy seasons and hot summers. The nature of the work also often means that drops, bumps, and rough handling are inevitable in daily activity.


Beyond the F110’s rugged build, Delgaz Grid has noticed lower replacement rates that demonstrate the high endurance and reliability of Getac products. After using the devices for years, Delgaz has remained satisfied with the quality-price ratio of Getac products. In case of any issues, Delgaz has also been satisfied with Getac’s fast service which allows them to move forward with minimal delays or inconvenience.


Getac provides a reliable and powerful custom solution that meets Delgaz Grid requirements with ease. As new digital innovations develop, Getac will continue to build modern solutions for companies like Delgaz to smooth operations and meet challenges head-on.


About Getac


Getac Technology Corporation is a global leader in rugged mobile technology and intelligent video solutions, including laptops, tablets, software, body-worn cameras, in-car video systems, digital evidence management, and enterprise video analytics solutions. Getac’s solutions and services are designed to enable extraordinary experiences for frontline workers in challenging environments. Today, Getac serves customers in over 100 countries spanning defense, public safety, ambulance, fire & rescue, utilities, automotive, natural resources, manufacturing, transport, and logistics. For more information, visit Participate in the Getac Industry blog or follow the company on LinkedIn and YouTube.


About Delgaz Grid


Delgaz Grid is a company part of the E.ON Romania group, the first integrated distributor of electricity and natural gas in Romania. Delgaz operates a natural gas network with a length of over 24,000 km, respectively an electricity network of over 83,000 km. They serve, in total, about 3 million customers and believe in providing those customers with fast service and a high-quality experience.


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