Those responsible for procuring rugged mobile devices for field services, utilities, logistics and the emergency services are focused on finding hardware that will clearly boost productivity within their company, according to an independent industry survey by conference organiser IQPC.

A majority of respondents (78%) to the Enterprise Mobility Exchange Rugged Mobile Technology Report, which was commissioned by global rugged mobile device designer and manufacturer Getac, said boosting productivity was a crucial decision-making factor.

Peter Molyneux, President, Getac UK, says: “I’m not surprised to see that provable productivity is critical, as we have been working closely with customers for 25 years to ensure we design and manufacture devices that help them with their project goals on productivity. Boosting productivity through rugged devices is more than just developing the toughest chassis or using the fastest processors – which are principles with Getac. Providing the right device means truly understanding how it will be used in the field, which is why we devote substantial time and resources joining customers on their operations to get that essential first-hand experience.”

More than 60 per cent of respondents said customer service is also a key factor in device selection – not only at point of sale, but across the lifetime of the device. Molyneux says: “A rugged device is a long-term investment – typically three years for a tablet and possibly more than five years for a notebook. That means we prefer to be involved for much longer than beyond the initial point of sale and have a dedicated support network to manage everything from the initial planning, to roll-out, to lifetime servicing and support.”

Molyneux adds: “We can ensure deployment is as efficient as possible by providing product staging and in many cases delivery product directly to the user, allowing staff to start working the moment they receive their device, and in the unlikely event of needing repair, we offer either Return to Base or Pack and Collect, so downtime is minimised.”

The IQPC Enterprise Mobility Exchange Rugged Mobile Technology Report is an independent study of partners and contributors to Enterprise Mobility Exchange, the online community for business professionals involved in the use of mobile technology.

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