A healthcare sector-targeted rugged tablet, developed using the principle of "marginal gains" - an approach adopted by Britain's all-conquering Olympic cycling team - has been launched by rugged technology designer and manufacturer Getac.

The Getac RX10H is a lightweight, 1.2kg, tablet with features aimed at shaving minutes off a healthcare worker's daily patient-care demands, meaning more care can be administered - saving costs, and possibly even lives.

Getac's move into healthcare is based on its success in the USA where authorities have confirmed that rugged technology is less costly than adapted consumer-market tablets.

"On the face of it, RX10H is marginally better an offering than current-market specialist healthcare tablet products. But that's the key, it doesn't need to be that much different. It is the slight changes and enhancements in each feature over and above the current benchmark that make the difference, and means that workers dependent upon such technology can accrue a series of 'marginal gains' in time as their day goes on - ultimately adding up to completing more work in a typical shift," said Peter Molyneux, President of Getac in the UK.

"If every feature means an accrued tiny percentages improvement or gain in performance of a healthcare worker from a time-efficiency perspective, then it means, for instance, a single nurse using a healthcare tablet on a typical - but probably unscheduled - 10-hour shift will gain six minutes. That may not seem a great deal until the time saved by a number of nurses employed in a hospital is accrued.

"A great deal can be accomplished by a healthcare worker in six minutes: triage an extra patient, administer medication, change a dressing, take a blood sample - or even take a short break during a long shift. If you take a typical NHS ward of 24 beds staffed by six nurses, then six nurses each save six minutes a shift, meaning something like four hours time saved per week. Six minutes can be life-changing, four hours in one ward alone changes the way an entire Trust can be run.

"It's all down to the marginal gains thought-through technology can deliver. For instance, the 3D antenna in a Getac tablet means communication and data downloading is slightly faster; it also means that communication can be sustained in areas where coverage is patchy. That it has a role-specific processor means it does not need a cooling fan. That means less draw on power, but, importantly, avoiding the consequences of the tablet overheating and shutting down for ten minutes. Such attention to detail is a sign of design excellence.

"Even its 'grab and go' handle - key in interrupted working environments - means less time-consuming fumbling or fewer potentially damage-causing drops. It has a kick-stand: that saves seconds when it needs to be free-standing. It all adds up: dependability, reliability and the confidence it instils means it becomes an enabler. RX10H is designed for the sector after consultation with the sector.

"That it has anti-microbial features and an IP65 certificated rugged standard - meaning it can be safely cleaned using fluids - add up to more time saved, and less infection-spread risk."

More background, and specification:

Peter Han, Vice President of Worldwide OEM Marketing, Microsoft Corp., said: “Getac RX10H is an innovative solution that enables healthcare workers to be more efficient and share information more effectively, resulting in better care for patients. This device - running Windows 10 - offers the security and reliability that is required for these demanding professionals.”

Peter Molyneux of Getac added: "Across the board, the RX10H will significantly outperform consumer-based products, which, while they may well be protected by rugged cases, simply do not have the performance of a built-for-purpose tablet such as RX10H.

"While rugged tech is often labelled expensive, in reality the gap is closing between something like RX10H and a consumer-market adapted tablet with rugged case. We offer a three-year warranty on a product designed to withstand and shrug off a drop from four feet. A consumer market tablet can offer neither of those reassurances.

"If we look at day-to-day use in the hospital ward, for instance, faster and more reliable data uploads and downloads save time, which increases patient care efficiency - and cost-saving. In an emergency situation, that extra few metres of communications coverage or faster data flow can mean the difference between life and death.

"There are also the considerations of, for instance, a superior 2D barcode scanner and a more logical location of it in the RX10H, the slightly lighter weight, the 'LifeSupport' hot-swappable battery - allowing battery replacement without ever shutting down applications or the Windows OS - plus better screen clarity, slightly better camera resolution, higher rugged rating, slightly better ease of cleaning.

"The principle of marginal gain - looking at and improving each individual component of equipment and human performance by even the smallest amount - wins major sporting accolades. It could also save or change lives.

"But crucial is the DNA of Getac and its influence upon the RX10H. We have a long pedigree of designing and manufacturing some of the world's best military and oil & gas industry rugged laptops and tablets which defy the challenges presented by the most extreme of critical working environments, delivering strong performance and reliability when it is vital, because Getac pushes boundaries in design, and offers the latest technology and materials."

The RX10H, which weighs 1.2kg and is 18.8mm x 280mm x 245mm, comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, features a hot-swappable battery, a 10.1" 800 nits screen Lumibond® HD screen with sunlight readable technology, 1D/2D barcode reader, smartcard reader, kickstand, optional detachable keyboard, Intel M vPro processor with up to 1.2Ghz, or 2.9Ghx with Intel Turbo Boost, 4MB Intel Smart Cache, up to 128MB SSD, HD webcam and 8M pixel rear facing auto focus camera; It has MIL-STD-810G and IP65 certification; four feet drop resistance; vibration resistance; operating temperature -21C to 55C; storage -40C to 71C.

Full specification available here.

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