Getac launches the must-have tablet for hazardous environments, EX80

Getac today announces the launch of its EX80 rugged tablet built to digitise processes and deliver productivity gains for mobile workers operating in particularly hazardous, explosive environments. The tablet is Getac’s first Zone 0 device and is ATEX / IECEx Zone 0/20 and UL913 certified (Class I / II Division 1), making it suitable for use in oil and gas, petrochemical, manufacturing and munitions storage environments. The Getac EX80 incorporates a sealed anti-static exterior with surface temperature control to limit the possibility of explosion due to electrostatic charges, hot surfaces, heat energy or friction.

Chris Bye, President Getac UK, comments; “Getac rugged devices are used extensively across military, public safety, utilities, field service and automotive environments where performance, functionality and reliability are paramount. Getac has developed the EX80 to reliably bring the same capabilities and benefits to industries, which have so far struggled with digital transformation because devices have not been able to withstand the challenging environments they operate in.”

For industry, the EX80 delivers the functionality to support operational excellence, facilitating automation and simplification of tasks such as asset maintenance, tracking and logging of safety inspections and data capture, additionally new augmented reality concepts will further support more efficient operations. This means workers will benefit from significant productivity, efficiency, data accuracy and security gains, removing the need for time consuming paperwork and reducing downtime.

EX80 is fully rugged with an IP67 rating, meaning that it can withstand drops of up to six feet as well as rain, moisture, vibrations, shock and extreme temperatures from -21°C to 50°C (operating temperature) and -51°C to 71°C (storage temperature). It also has received the MIL-STD 810G 509.5 standard, meaning it is resistant to salt fog erosion. This is significant for preventing extreme corrosion to computing equipment by constant salt or sea spray in offshore environments.

Today, organisations are more at risk than ever to data theft and malicious attack, the EX80 supports a variety of security features built into Windows 10. Machine start-up monitoring and protection (with TPM 2.0) ensures the device is tamper-free before releasing control to the operating system, while BitLocker protects data at rest, in use and in transit. In the event the system is lost or stolen, optional Absolute DDS will allow it to be disabled remotely. The EX80 helps safeguard information from data attacks through multi factor authentication, which can be achieved through the Windows Login and the contactless Smart Card (HF RFID) reader. The RFID reader also enables fast and accurate product identification and quality control certificates and can keep historical record of machine parts as they move throughout the value chain.

The EX80 includes Getac’s latest feature set as standard, including best-in-class battery life (more than eight hours on a single charge) and charging dock. It includes Getac’s proprietary sunlight-readable, 600 nits LumiBond® display, which gives users increased durability and improved readability and features several touch modes that allow operation in the rain, with gloves or other protective clothing, and hard-tip stylus, ideal for taking notes and capturing data in the field.

The EX80 offers a full HD webcam for crystal-clear video conferencing, and an 8MP rear camera with LED flash for crisp images and video. A host of carrying and mounting accessories are available and the EX80 comes with a rotatable hand strap that provides a firm grip in portrait and landscape orientations and also acts as a kickstand and stylus holder. The tablet also includes dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and dedicated GPS, for accurate location positioning.

The EX80 rugged tablet is backed by Getac’s industry-best, three-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, which covers any damage that occur due to accidents and environmental exposure.

Supporting Quotes

“Getac EX80 brings digitalisation to some of the most dangerous work areas in the world, where previously ‘pen and paper’ was the only safe option,” says Egbert Schroeer, Senior Industry Solutions Manager at Microsoft. “By providing the latest Windows operating system in both hazardous and non-hazardous zones, Getac EX80 drastically improves productivity and efficiency for any industry where safety concerns may be a barrier to accessing the latest technology.”

Says Frances Hung, Regional Vice President of CSA Group, a global certification company, “Getac EX80 was successfully tested against stringent criteria to verify its suitability to be used in explosive environments and is one of the most rugged tablets to be certified with ATEX & IECEx Zone 0 and UL913 Class I / II Division 1. CSA Group provided testing for this revolutionary device, and we are confident it will increase productivity in cross-zone operations while ensuring workers’ safety.”

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