Case Study - Getac F110 streamlines sugar beet supply chain for Zutra

Zutra specialises in providing logistics for sugar beet production across Germany and other European countries. To ensure supply chain efficiency – which involves monitoring GPS locations and distance calculations involving a quarter of a million data records – the firm needed a paperless way of working that could be relied on at all times without fear of device failure.

Getac’s F110 tablet was the perfect combination of size, form factor and ruggedness. Incorporating a large 11.6” screen that’s clearly readable in sunshine and functional, even in the rain, the F110 is also backed by Getac’s unparalleled technical support, minimising the impact of any unlikely downtime.

With Getac F110 tablets deployed across the contract, the entire process of transporting sugar beet to factories has been digitised - maximising productivity and minimising waste.

“The rugged tablet has more than proven its worth, saving hours of paperwork and allowing us to use our time more efficiently. We do about 7,000 to 10,000 deliveries, and you can imagine how often we need to use the touchscreen especially with 24/7 duty. It’s much better using the F110.”

Matthias Enderling, Operator, Zutra

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