Getac Commissioned Survey Highlights Rugged Technology’s Role In Transforming Industrial Operations

TELFORD, 10 April, 2024: Getac Technology Corporation, a leading producer of rugged technology, has announced findings from the Getac-sponsored IDC InfoBrief titled, “Redefining Total Cost of Ownership: Rugged Technologies to Empower Industrial Operation,” April 2024. The results revealed that rugged devices increase competitiveness within industrial organisations by streamlining operations.


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Commissioned by Getac, the IDC InfoBrief drew insights from 990 IT decision makers and found that rugged devices provide benefits across various industries including utilities, transportation and logistics, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, and natural resources. This was a global study revealing insights from six geographies: North America, Europe, the Middle East & Africa, China, Asia (excl China) and Latin America.

The versatility of rugged devices helps organisations improve daily operations by enhancing worker productivity, minimising equipment downtime, and enabling individual component upgrades without having to replace the entire device.

Additional findings regarding the benefits of rugged technology from the survey include:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Rugged devices lead to lower TCO over time – organisations reported a TCO reduction of 10–20% for tablet and mobile devices, and a 20–30% reduction for personal computer and laptop devices.
  • Improved Sustainability: 43% of organisations said rugged devices with advanced sensors and connectivity capabilities help to gather data on operations, empowering more informed decisions about energy consumption and waste reduction initiatives.
  • Automated Processes: 37% of organisations said rugged devices help to automate certain processes, reducing the need for manual labour.

The brief also highlighted customers’ criteria for rugged solution vendor selection, which include the ability to customise the solution, the cost-effectiveness of services provided, and the range of devices and solutions offered.

“These survey results show rugged devices are playing a transformative role in industrial operations by improving TCO and productivity and driving sustainability,” said Paul Waddilove, Managing Director, UK & Nordics at Getac. “These findings reaffirm our commitment to delivering solutions that redefine industry standards in an increasingly rugged world."

Rugged device adoption in Europe is being driven by their ability to improve worker productivity, enable data access mobility and connectivity, support workflow automation, and create performance traceability. Key survey findings include:

  • More than a fifth of those questioned (21%) are now spending over 20% of their total IT budget on rugged devices, with almost half (49%) of respondents planning to increase this further over the next 12-18 months.
  • Rugged devices are being integrated with a diverse range of core business systems, including data analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools, supply chain management (SCM) platforms, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.
    • The primary tasks rugged devices are being used for are data collection and analysis, field services, inspection and maintenance, and mobile workforce management.
  • Since integrating rugged technology, organisations surveyed have experienced improved worker productivity, reduced equipment failure, and better communication/collaboration among employees.
  • Rugged devices are playing a pivotal role in helping European organisations achieve their ESG goals by enabling them to track real-time energy consumption more accurately, reduce waste in operations, automate key tasks, and identify areas where future energy savings can be made.

“Organisations across Europe are increasingly realising the operational benefits that rugged technology offers, from improved worker productivity and field communication to better data collection and more informed decision making in challenging work environments,” says Paul Waddilove, Managing Director, UK & Nordics at Getac. “As demand for rugged technology continues to grow at a rapid pace, Getac’s powerful hardware and software, combined with our first-class customer service, is helping to fuel a digital revolution across the industrial sectors and beyond.”

To download the complete “Redefining Total Cost of Ownership: Rugged Technologies to Empower Industrial Operations" IDC InfoBrief sponsored by Getac (doc #AP242464IB, April 2024), visit here.

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