Simplified Vehicle Service Payments: Bumper's Integration with Getac’s EVHC
PayLater enables customers to spread the cost, interest-free over a period of monthly instalments. The customer can choose the number of instalments they wish to pay their total bill over and is never charged more when they opt for this payment method.
  • 0% interest-free payment solution
  • PayLater in 3,6,9 instalments
  • Delay second instalment by up to 40 days
  • Spread the cost up to £5,000
  • 95%+ accept rate
  • Bumper takes full risk and liability for repayment
  • Dealers are paid in full (minus commission) weekly

WHY PayLater?

For the customer:
  • Flexible payment dates
  • Customers can manage their finances and free-up disposable income
  • Customers can delay their 2nd repayment by up to 40 days
  • Soft credit check for applications, this does not show up on their credit reports
For the dealership:
  • Reduces/eliminates discounting, increasing their margin
  • Coverts more red and amber work, increasing the value of a transaction
  • Increases customers satisfaction and retention
  • Used as a marketing tool for acquisition
  • Removes liability and risk of payment/default
  • Improves payment efficiency, advisors spend less time on the phone
  • Integrations are available (FOC) which will enhance the customer experience
Bumper is a leading Fintech payments provider in the automotive space, specialising in innovative payment solutions. With a presence in over 4,500 dealerships across the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, and The Netherlands, and plans to expand further across Europe, Bumper has become the go-to name in the industry for payment technology. Bumper is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that cater to both retail and business needs, including PayLater for retail (BNPL), PayLater for business, PayNow in-full digitally (via a secure link), PayByBank (Open Banking), and PayPad (PDQ terminals).

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