Getac has partnered with VDC Research Group to author a whitepaper on where mobility investments are being made in T&L and the problems they’re addressing.
1 Jul 2022

T&L and Supply Chain Operations: Ushering The Next Wave of Mobility

The COVID-19-influenced issues in supply chain operations are showing no signs of abating. These concerns are challenging organizations with component shortages, shipping capacity constraints, and rising costs. Organizations with the highest levels of visibility into their operations and across their trading partners, from item-level inventory management to the delivery infrastructure, have been the most successful in navigating these challenges.

However, visibility alone is not enough. Add the labor challenges faced, from high turnover to worker shortages, and organizations are forced to do more with less. Mobile computing solutions are critical conduits to optimizing these workflows.

Effect of the pandemic on mobile solution investments
Fig. 1: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Pace of Mobile Solution Investments

Over 80% of transport and logistics organizations are accelerating their mobile technology investment (Figure 1). As they look to create a more connected transportation and logistics infrastructure, across all channels of transport and levels of conveyance, the need for modern mobile solutions will only grow.

Getac has partnered with VDC Research Group to author a whitepaper, tackling issues on:

  • where mobility investments are being made in T&L and supply chain operations
  • addressing problems
  • benefits involved and who benefits the most
  • what it all means in the future

Whether you’re a carrier, a port operator, a shipper, a warehouse/distribution center operator, or a delivery service, you’ll learn something useful, and have some good ideas about where your next investments in mobile IT should be made.

Download the VDC whitepaper on supply chain organizations.

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