OEMConfig is a Getac-proprietary application
11 Feb 2022

Getac OEMConfig: Enhanced Android Batch Configuration for EMM Systems

Rugged tablets are increasingly becoming the standard for mobile frontline employees, with Android devices representing the best value for the money. However, when organizations issue a device as standard equipment, it is important to optimize settings and configurations. This leads to maximized productivity and security, and first-time-right efficiency.

Enterprise-scale configuration of mobile devices is normally achieved using an enterprise mobility management (EMM) system. On the other hand, most EMM systems currently in use, even if they meet Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) requirements, enable batch configuration of only a modest number of Android device settings. Many other settings are omitted, thereby creating a device-by-device headache in many instances and a barrier to overall Android adoption.

To eliminate this challenge, businesses need something more, something that enhances Android batch configuration capabilities without requiring changing EMM systems or adding a second one. This is where OEMConfig for Getac Android devices comes into play.

What is OEMConfig?

OEMConfig is a Getac-proprietary application and is available on the Managed Google Play Store. It unlocks the full potential of Getac Android device deployment by enhancing the enterprise-scale configuration capabilities of AER-certified EMM system. This helps to maximize the usefulness of both EMM and Getac Android devices, tightens device security, and minimizes repetitive configuration work.

Here’s how the software works:

  • Install Getac OEMConfig where the EMM system is hosted
  • Carry out centralized configuration of Android hardware and software settings as needed
  • Send out over the air (OTA) via EMM Cloud to all applicable Getac Android devices
OEMConfig enables batch configuration of a diverse variety of settings for Getac Android devices, enhancing enterprise-scale capabilities of AER-certified EMM systems.
OEMConfig enables batch configuration of a diverse variety of settings for Getac Android devices, enhancing enterprise-scale capabilities of AER-certified EMM systems.

Software Features

Getac OEMConfig software enables timely security and other firmware over the air (FOTA) firmware updates for Getac Android devices. This enables batch configuration of a diverse variety of hardware and software settings such as:

  • Display
  • Sound
  • Barcode scanner
  • Satellite navigation settings
  • Battery charging
  • Physical buttons on the device itself>/li>
  • Navigation bar
  • Quick-settings panel
  • Application update settings
  • Date and time

Getac OEMConfig Benefits

Getac OEMConfig maximizes the value and convenience of Getac Android rugged devices. Likewise, it eliminates creating the device-by-device configuration hassle that optimization work would otherwise entail. Getac OEMConfig enables timely OTA security and firmware updates and accelerates Getac Android device deployments.

Get more from Getac Android devices by optimizing device settings, system settings, or even firmware update schedules. All these can be done without the added inconvenience of another password, another website portal, or having to learn new software. Getac OEMConfig users can add, all additional configuration capabilities to the EMM system itself.

Who Needs Getac OEMConfig?

Getac OEMConfig is for large-scale deployments of one or more Getac’s Android (Version 9 or above) rugged tablet models, such as the ZX70G2, ZX70-EX, or ZX10. It is compliant with a wide variety of AER-certified EMM system vendors.

Please note: Getac OEMConfig is intended to be a complement to an EMM system, not a replacement. If you are not currently utilizing an EMM, Getac recommends deployXpress standalone Android configuration solution.

To learn more about how Getac OEMConfig can help your business, or to arrange a free trial, please contact the Getac team.

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