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Utilities Benefit from Predictive Maintenance

Utilities Benefit from Predictive Maintenance

A digital solution for utility asset management can help implement a predictive maintenance plan for infrastructures; monitoring usage levels and order new parts and tools before existing ones fail, minimising time lost through unexpected downtime and, more importantly, disruption to the utility consumers.

Mobile EAM and CMMS with 4G LTE

Connectivity is vital for remote access to EAM and CMMS. With dedicated GPS, 4G and IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi, our solutions help professionals stay connected, transferring and receiving data in real-time from IOT cloud-based systems.

Long Battery Life for Wate

Long Battery Life for Water, Gas and Power Asset Management

Field professionals need to worry about many things; running out of battery should not be one of them. In addition to the long battery life you have with our devices, our solution also includes products with dual battery, hot-swap battery and bridge battery options.

Ruggedness That Saves You Money

Ruggedness that Saves You Money

Asset management work in the water, gas and power industries requires professionals to be on the move in environments that might be very challenging to non-rugged business tablets or laptops. Our solutions are inherently rugged, built to thrive in all weather conditions and withstand impacts and drops up to six feet. They are manufactured and certified by international third parties to MIL-STD 810G, up to IP65 standards and ready to face whatever challenges professionals meet. Longer lifecycles and reduced disruption to operations help you save money.