Vaillant Relies on Getac's V110 convertible notebook to Increase Reliability and Ease of use in its Customer Operations

“Over time, we discovered that although conventional enterprise products are high-quality, they are not suitable for accompanying our service technicians 200 days a year,” says Alexander Kaufmann, Head of Service Austria at Vaillant of Vaillant Group Austria GmbH. “Although our working environment in the field is often not quite as rough and challenging as in other areas, robust notebooks work very well for our purposes. In order to achieve our service goals, we depend on the high level of reliability of the products. We will like to use the products in the field for at least five years without any problems. This is only possible with robust devices.”

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The challenge

Vaillant Group Austria GmbH coordinates the maintenance of its innovative systems for heating, cooling, hot water and offers its customers best-in-class services with over 200 customer service technicians. They are dependent on the fact that the hardware used provides optimal support at any time and any place.  Vaillant values low weight, high connectivity, and long battery life for the devices they use.

The solution

Vaillant is a pioneer in the use of IT solutions in field service and has optimised all its processes for the daily work of its field staff, customers and partners. To ensure that the service functions smoothly, the company uses robust hardware, which is reliable. In the years to come, the V110 convertible notebook will make a significant contribution to order processing and customer satisfaction at Vaillant.


Due to its versatile features, the Getac V110 convertible notebook is ideal for use in the field at Vaillant. The combination of the touch display and convertible design, which ensures a high level of acceptance among the service staff, as well as high reliability, is particularly noteworthy. In addition, stable communication in real-time and comprehensive warranty services play a major role for Vaillant.


With over 13,000 employees worldwide, Vaillant, headquartered in Remscheid, Germany, is one of the market and technology leaders in the heating technology sector. The family-owned company offers energy-saving and environmentally friendly systems for heating, cooling and hot water. The solutions from Vaillant, mainly based on renewable energies, ensure maximum living comfort for customers in more than 60 countries.

The challenge

Vaillant offers energy-saving and environmentally friendly systems for heating, cooling and hot water, mainly based on renewable energies. Vaillant occupies a strong position in the market for gas appliances and is regarded as a market leader in the field of gas condensing technology. The company is also very successful in selling heating and domestic hot water heat pumps as well as solar systems for the optimum use of solar energy. As part of its comprehensive range of services, Vaillant supports running systems throughout the entire product life cycle. When it comes to maintenance, the family-owned company values providing its customers with the best possible support and the highest quality of service. More than 200 customer service technicians carry out more than 160,000 on-site visits to plant operators and partners every year. They are equipped with first-class tools as well as a complete mobile office, which includes a robust notebook.

In order for Vaillant’s field staff to be able to fully concentrate on the customer during their working day, the hardware used on the road must be as robust as possible and available at all times. What is needed is a reliable device with low weight, great flexibility, and long battery life, which accompanies the service technician throughout the day without interruption. This is required in the customer’s home, basement, and outdoors in a variety of weather conditions.

The solution

Vaillant was one of the very first companies to start using IT and technical equipment in customer service in the early 1990s in order to make their processes more efficient. Today, the company relies on high-performance Getac fully rugged notebooks for the digital handling and documentation of customer visits, diagnosis of its products, as well as for the creation of measurement reports and work slips. In order to cope with the daily challenges in service, it is essential that the hardware is reliable and is always functioning. For this reason, Vaillant switched to ruggedized hardware five years ago.


When selecting the fully rugged V110 convertible, the Vaillant Austria Group deliberately opted for a convertible device with both touch display and keyboard. Thus, the company meets the needs of its younger generation of service technicians, who clearly prefer operating via a touch display. Alternatively, the V110 can be operated with a keyboard. Overall, this ensures an extremely positive reception and a high level of acceptance of the new devices among its diverse service technicians.

In everyday life, the use of Getac’s V110 convertible reduces paper and improves sustainable service management. By using LTE connectivity, field staff can always access the information they need to complete their jobs. In addition, they carry out on-site payment transactions with credit cards or semi-digital cash transactions. Valliant technicians print receipts while everything is documented or digitised in real-time in the background. All processes are designed electronically, lean, and with little rework and redundancies in the back office. The V110 is an indispensable component in Vaillant’s service organisation.


  • Posted at 4 August 2020

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