Schwabach Group Special-Purpose Association for Public Water Supply - Getac and Leica are making planning and maintenance work easier and more reliable

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The Challenge

Time and time again when laying drinking water piping, substantial discrepancies are identified between planning data and the given facts on the ground. And quite often a lack of clarity about the location and positioning of piping also arises when line repairs are needed. Precise digital information is absolutely essential to preventing costly, high-effort excavation work in the wrong place.

The measuring devices used must not only function quickly and with high precision, but also be capable of withstanding the oftentimes adverse environmental conditions in the field, so equipment must be weatherproof, shockproof, and protected against dust emissions. Yet, such resistance qualities must not diminish the user-friendliness of devices, rather, hardware and software should perfectly merge to meet all requirements and needs.

The Solution

The GG04 plus tablet-computer application is based on three components: the Leica GG04 plus antenna, the Leica Zeno mobile app, and the Getac ZX70. This perfectly paired hardware and software solution enables users to call up highly exact coordinates via satellite-supported data link. Measurements to within an accuracy of one centimeter are directly available to users. The tablet computer enables users on site to feed measured data directly into a geographical information system which everyone involved in the project can access.

The Getac ZX70 is a very convincing piece of equipment both in terms of design as well as performance. In addition to its handy manageability as a tool, the rugged housing withstands even the harshest environmental conditions, and users can easily operate the weatherproof touch display fitted with LumiBond® technology even when wearing gloves.

The 4G modem ensures reliable transmission of large data volumes, and battery and process performance meets the highest technical standards, ensuring work proceeds quickly and accurately without interruptions.

This is also what the Schwabach Group’s Special-Purpose Association for Public Water Supply experienced. As Robert Schulz explains, “Our work with this device enables us to prevent delays in the process. The Getac ZX70 has enough main memory capacity to keep all information on hand even when staff have to travel to one field site after another on multiple deployments. Paper schedules and plans that first had to be collected centrally in order to tackle the next maintenance job are now a thing of the past. Another decisive advantage is the bumper-to-bumper warranty. We can always count on the fact that, in a worst-case scenario, Getac will provide us with a replacement device. That gives us the security of planning that we need for our projects.”

The Benefits

The Schwabach Group’s Special-Purpose Association for Public Water Supply relies on the GG04 plus tablet-computer application because

  1. it’s able to very quickly deliver highly precise measurement data which is fed in real time into the geographical information system and made available to all project participants.
  2. Battery and process performance of the Getac ZX70 is designed for intensive use over long periods of deployment. The main memory keeps even large data volumes at the users’ fingertips, e.g. for design, working or execution drawings.
  3. Most staff members are already very familiar with the Android operating system that the tablet computer uses. The device is easy to operate, requiring no costly training courses, and is also very compact and light.
  4. The Getac bumper-to-bumper warranty ensures customers’ security of planning – lending operationally active utility companies a decisive, competitive advantage.
  5. The hardware and software components merge perfectly as a functional unit.

Schwabach Group Special-Purpose Association for Public Water Supply

The region enveloped by the Schwabach Group’s Special-Purpose Association for Public Water Supply is located in Middle Franconia in Bavaria. The association provides drinking water to the municipalities of Eckental and Kleinsendelbach via an approximately 130-km-long drinking water network. Besides water catchment and treatment, this association financed by the municipalities takes charge of planning and maintenance of the water distribution piping grid.

  • Posted at 1 July 2020

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